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Adjunct faculty are such an important part of the academic success of our programs!  Regardless of whether courses are taught online, in person (or a blended model), part-time and adjunct faculty deliver amazing courses and make a huge difference in the educational experience of our students.  Whether you teach a couple of courses every semester, one course an academic year, or teach a specialty course that only runs one every couple of years–you are an essential piece of our whole!  We hope that this resource serves you well, as you build and refine your courses, and in your efforts to stay on top of current UMPI initiatives and priorities around the teaching and learning process.

One thing that we often here at the Center for Teaching and Learning, is that it is sometimes hard to keep up with new processes, templates, and workflows when there is a semester between teaching sections.  This page is a space that we are reserving to share current, high-request teaching and learning resources, as well as pathways to stay connected.

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Be sure to check out the companion slide deck to the Brightspace Implementation Webinar, to access additional resources, tutorials, and access to event registrations!

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