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Introducing Your Instructional Design Team

Our Instructional Designers (IDs) are available to help you design your course, problem solve classroom interaction techniques, brainstorm instructional or assessment strategies, share ideas about research-based best practices and facilitate the use of technology to support teaching and learning.  CTL specializes in consulting with faculty for face-to-face, online or blended learning, and are excited to work with faculty through every step of there course-building process. It should also be noted that our ID’s roles are non-evaluative, so if you ever need someone to simply listen to a concern, ask questions or make suggestions on how to improve learning in your class, they are there for you.

Meet Our Instructional Designers

Headshot of Alana Margeson Headshot of Heather Nunez-Olmstead

Alana Margeson, EdD

Sr Instructional Designer & Director of CTL



Heather Nunez-Olmstead, MSEd

Sr Instructional Designer & QM Coordinator



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photo of Michael Dobbs, CTL IT

Michael Dobbs, MEd

Instructional Technologist



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