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Designing across delivery modalities

Different learning environments will call for different strategies

At UMPI, we work hard to meet the diverse needs of a diverse student population.  In any given semester, we deliver high-quality classes to traditional-aged students, high school students, non-traditional students, adult learners with some college credit, and more–we deliver these educational opportunities through traditional, live F2F classes, through classrooms connected through Zoom, through the live, remote course, online and more! We also host t an impressive array of early-college/dual-enrollment courses and deliver self-paced CBE programming.  That is a lot of ways to deliver content!

Understanding student expectations of course modalities:

Each unique delivery modality has nuances and strategies to make the most out of your time and space with students.  Be sure to browse our delivery pages to learn more about your individual modality needs.


Useful terminology


The word synchronous means working together at the same time, in a live or video-conference class, this includes all of the activities, communications and learning events that happen within your scheduled course time.

In an online or blended class, this could look like scheduled presentation times, pre-arranged one-on-one or group office hours or times that small group members work collaboratively (in real time) on a document, presentation or project.


Asynchronous communication delivery of information with a time lag.  In an online class, much of the course will probably be delivered asynchronously, utilizing activities as discussion board conversation between peers, communication via announcements, and with assessment feedback.

In a live or video-conference course,  a lot of asynchronous communication will likely be in the form of email correspondence, as well as in homework submission and feedback.

Course Design Across Modalities

Getting Clear About Delivery Modalities?

It is important to know what the expectations of delivering in a specific modality are!  Check out these resources, both from the System office and from CTL, to help you plan for success!

UMS Instruction Modes Documentation WebsiteLMS Development Across Modalities Guide