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GSuite for Education tools allow us to create content, manage collaboration, communication, and assessment with one fluid set of tools that many students are familiar with.  While all students and faculty have access to Microsft Office suite of word processing tools, the GSuite is really well equipped collaborative projects, workshopping and group work.

mycampus portal includes direct link to GSuite tools

GSuite applications are easy to access

You’ll notice on your mycampus portal, that GSuites Gmail (our University mail provider), Google calendar and Calendar and Google Drive (a file storage and management application) are really easy to access, and clicking on any of these icons will automatically log you into these applications (with your single sign-on).

This easy access is available to you and your students–allowing you to easy emails students (and create groups of students), manage your calendar of office hours and appointments and create or share content straight from Drive!


Prepare students to use Docs for class

Once you have decided that Google docs will be a great addition for the creation and/or collaboration in your class, it is helpful to provide students with some onboarding materials and to give them a chance to use the tool (before a big assignment is due).  Providing a link to Google tutorials is a great way to make sure your students have the most up-to-date tutorials.  The video below is also a great introduction (for instructors and students) to creating, sharing and collaborating with Docs:


Getting started with Forms for assessment

Google Forms is a power multi-tasker!  This is a form you can use to survey students about the content or their learning experience, build short entrance or exit tickets designed to display in class, build media-rich interactive quizzes and more!  PRO TIP: if you are using this as an exit/entrance ticket or poll, and want to display the results–un-check the setting to collect emails (to make it anonymous)

Up and Runnning with Slides

Creating shared Slide presentations streamline the small (or large) group work process!  If you have small groups that are creating a collaborative presentation, name on the ‘project manager’, and that can be the student that is in charge of creating the initial Slide presentation, and sharing it to their groupmates:


Advanced collaboration with Google Chat

Google Hangouts has a rebrand and a refresh, with the newer  Hangouts Chat feature! The next best thing to texting, Chat allows you to create ‘rooms’ for groups of students or a class–to create threaded announcements, discussion topics, share documents from Drive or desktop for peer-to-peer collaboration and more!  Give a CTL ID a Chat-out, to play with the tools and see what it can do:


More cool Google tips and tricks

Schedule Zoom meetings from your calendar

Effortlessly add a Zoom meeting to any Google Calendar invite, with an easy-to-install Google Chrome extension, here how:


Using GSuite tools in Brightspace
Did you know that you can dynamically link to your Drive Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more from anywhere in the Brightspace platform, where the Rich Content Editor is available, using the Insert Quicklink option?  Not only that, but you can embed your Drive content directly into your content areas, or group/collaborative workspaces with ease!

Leveraging the 'Revision History" features

One thing that has always been a challenge with group work, is that sometimes group members claim a peer has not contributed, while that student insists that they have.  When students work on collaborative Google apps, the revision history feature (viewable by all who have editing rights on a document) allows you to see individual contributions:


Hungry for more GSuite tips?

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