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Welcome to Aroostook County History

The purpose of this website is to provide historians, genealogists, general researchers and teachers with primary sources from Central Aroostook County.  There are lesson plans for teachers that give instructions how to use the primary sources in their classroom.  As you will see not all towns have sources associated with them at this point but if you have diaries, record books, letters, account books, etc. that you would like to place on this website for others to use, please contact UMPI history professor, Dr. Kimberly R. Sebold.  The sources that are included have been contributed by area people, scanned by UMPI students and placed here by Dr. Kimberly R. Sebold, Ph.D., UMPI Associate Professor of History.  The background work that made this website possible and these sources available were funded by a five-year EPSCoR grant.  For more information on the grant go to the UMPI EPSCoR Grant Homepage.

 None of the materials on this website are to be used for commercial purposes.  They are intended for educational use only.  If you require permission to use these sources for any published or commercial purposes, please contact Dr. Kimberly Sebold (kimberly.sebold@umpi.edu).