Presque Isle, Maine

According to George Varney’s, Gazetteer of the State of Maine, in 1881, Presque Isle lies in the second range of townships in Aroostook County, a few miles south of Aroostook River. It is bounded on the north by Maysville, south by Westfield Plantation, east by Easton, and west by Chapman and Mapleton plantations. The Presque Isle Stream enters on the west side of the town and leaves it on the north. Presque Isle Village, the principal centre of business is situated on the stream near the northern line. In the southern part, a little west of a middle line, is Quaggy Joe Lake, one mile in length, having Arnold Brook as an outlet. On this, near the pond, is the small village of Spragueville. South by southwest of the village is four-peaked “Green Mountain”, lying in a true north and south line. 

The middle of the town generally is elevated, and there are still extensive forests in the western, southern and eastern parts. There is a lumber and a cabinet mill at Spragueville, and at Presque Isle Village are two lumber mills, a grist mill, a wool carding mill, furniture, carriage, tinware factories, and other small manufactures. The town is 42 miles north by northwest of Houlton, on the stage line to Caribou. It is also the terminus of stage lines to Ashalnd, Washburn and Fort Fairfield. At the village is published “The North Star,” a lively sheet, at present Greenback in politics. The publishers are F.G. Parker & Co. 

The town was incorporated April 4, 1859. It has a good high school in Presque Isle Village, and its school houses number nine and are valued at $3,000. The population in 1870 was 970. In 1880, it was 1,305. The valuation in 1870 was $180,786. In 1880, it was $339,325.

Presque Isle Timeline from 1828 to Present – Compiled by Dick Graves

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