Human Resources Office – Preble Hall

Melissa DeMerchant – HR Admin Specialist, Nancy Jackson -Pay-roll and Dorianna Pratt – Senior HR Specialist.

Let’s take a moment to introduce the UMPI Human Resources Team, consisting of Dorianna Pratt, senior human resources partner, and Melissa DeMerchant, administrative specialist. Dori and Melissa work with all UMPI staff, faculty and students to ensure UMPI is a delightful place to work and learn.  Through partnerships with all departments as well as other universities in the System, one major goal of the human resources department is to recruit, train, develop and retain employees. Collaboratively, we work to enrich our employees to grow as professionals in order to offer a rewarding educational experience for students. The HR office welcomes all students, staff and faculty with open doors and will look for creative ways to collectively meet the university’s mission.

Welcome (Back) From Finance and Facilities

Welcome Back! Although you might not see us as often as others, we, in the Finance Office, have been busy ramping up for the start of the semester and are looking forward to a great year.  Over the summer and even now our office is living and working in three years all at once.  First, we are ensuring that the last fiscal year (ends on June 30) is successfully closed out and are running a myriad of reports to make sure all is in order.  Second, we are making sure that the new fiscal (and academic year) is kicked off to a great start.  Continue reading “Welcome (Back) From Finance and Facilities”

Astronomy in Aroostook County

Hello everyone and welcome to the University of Maine at Presque Isle.  If you are interested in astronomy, we have several treats for you in and around the Presque Isle area.  The University Times runs this ongoing article about astronomy and the university has an astronomy club that works closely with the local Aroostook County Astronomy Club to provide educational opportunities and occasional observing nights throughout the year. Continue reading “Astronomy in Aroostook County”

Welcome From the Community and Media Relations Office!

CMR Office Wishes You a Great Academic Year. Eric Brissette, Rachel Rice, Tiffany Smith, Melissa Lizotte, Gayla Shaw, Rowena McPherson.

The staff members of the Community and Media Relations Office send a warm welcome to all new and returning students at the University of Maine at Presque Isle and wish them the best of luck as they begin or continue their college careers. Continue reading “Welcome From the Community and Media Relations Office!”

Conferences Department

Anne Price, Lisa Udasco, Nancy Roe, Mary Ann McHugh (L-R). Working on the history of SAGE’s 20th year.

Welcome back!
The Conferences Department on campus is located in the Campus Center and we are here and excited to help YOU plan events and meetings! If you’re involved in a school club, sport, class, etc., and would like to have a meeting or event, feel free to stop by and we’ll help make it happen. Continue reading “Conferences Department”

Get in the Game!

Dr. J and Saint on the new Bleachers

Dan Kane, UMPI’s new athletic director and men’s basketball coach, is enthusiastic about the upcoming academic year, waiting patiently for students to return to campus and for basketball season to finally be here. Kane observes the friendliness of the UMPI community, especially that of the athletic department. Commenting on the department’s good reputation and supportive nature, Kane said that if you think you may be interested in joining a sport, there is absolutely no harm in trying. In his experience, he’s heard too many students express regret in not joining a sports team and never once heard of students who regretted playing for one of their college teams. Continue reading “Get in the Game!”