Anger Issues

Have you ever been in a class with someone who would act out on a regular basis? Did you ever wonder what was going on, or why the teacher seemed to be unable to deal with the issue? Acting out is not an uncommon occurrence for children in a classroom, or anywhere, for that matter. Chances are, we’ve seen this type of behavior displayed at least once in our lives. Or maybe some of us were those children who acted out. There are many reasons for students to act out: for example, to get attention. On April 20, four students–Kayla Murchison, Michael Guerrette, Margot Smith and Chelsea Langley–gave a presentation on how to deal with unruly behavior of students in the classrooms.

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A Chance at Equal Opportunity

It is safe to say that most people know someone or know of someone with Asperger’s. It is a disorder that affects real people everywhere. University Day, which took place at the University of Maine at Presque Isle on April 20, gave one group of presenters the chance to educate people about this. The presentation itself was on Asperger’s and how people with this disorder can benefit from proficiency-based education. Brittany McPhail, Arianna Bard, Natasha Ponder and Loretta Coty for a little less than an hour. The first three women are education majors at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Coty has worked with people with special needs for a number of years, but is now currently a student at UMPI.

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Beyond Limits – Planning for an Experience

Dr. Jacqui Lowman had an idea: to bring a group of people together to accomplish something that seemed impossible. The idea is to hike the Appalachian Trail: to bring people together from all over the country, to encourage teamwork and to accomplish something greater than themselves. This hike is made even more groundbreaking since Lowman uses a wheelchair. Lowman involved one of her upper level courses with the planning for the trip. This group of 10 students was willing to work together to accomplish something amazing.

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Bigger Than the Piece Itself

On University day of 2016, the Pullen art gallery was nearly dark, with people seated in front of a large screen. The presentation on the Sketchbook Project would soon begin. This was an aspect of art that truly proved the creativity of the human mind, specifically on the campus of the University of Maine of Presque Isle. A group of students stood before these people as a vast number of slides of their own creations flickered behind them. This gave them only a small portion of time to explain the meaning behind their art. Once one student’s art stopped appearing on the screen, the next would begin running through and another eager yet anxious face would begin explaining the contents of what it all meant to them.

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Lions, Tigers and College. Oh My!

It’s the time of that time of year for many high school seniors in America: it’s selection time. No, not selection Sunday, although the stress of March Madness and anticipation of spring weather often distract the adolescent mind. Instead 18-year-olds across the country are embarking on one of the most important decisions of their young adult lives: what college to go to. The factors to formulate to the perfect fit are endless: tuition, location, athletics or maybe Greek-life participation. Whether you are a frat guy or a young woman working on that soccer scholarship, the challenges in finding the college with the right fit are endless. College can be a frightening thought and student loans, even scarier.

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Coloring in the County

Some would say that living in Aroostook County is similar to living 10 years behind the rest of the world. From the areas where the only business is a local gas station to the towns with a Walmart AND a Mardens, our communities give rural a new meaning. People in surrounding communities would often concur that their reason for remaining in these county towns is the family friendly environment to raise children. That is not to say that is the sole reason people live here or that is the only positive asset the county has to offer. For others, the appeal might be the beautiful nature in which to embark on endless journeys and the serenity of dirt roads and potato fields. Whether it’s the hometown feel that can’t be found elsewhere, the lack of shopping and dining options or something else, the small towns of northern Maine are full of rare family friendly towns.

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