Designers Turn Trash Into Prada

Trash to Fashion 2018 winners.

     For the past few years, UMPI has been putting on an event for the community that showcases the amazing artwork that people can do with recycled goods. The Trash to Fashion show is put on by UMPI’s art department, is open to the public and its participant’s come from the university’s art classes as well as from outside in the community. This year, on April 20, the show featured some really ingenious pieces from the participants. Continue reading “Designers Turn Trash Into Prada”

UMPI’s Up-and-Coming Honors Program

     The current honors program at UMPI is in some serious need of an overhaul and a few students here at UMPI have taken on this tremendous task of redesigning it as a whole. The four ambitious students who have taken on this task are Evan Zarkadas, Darius Haskell, Adam Weyenth and Sarah Harris, all of whom have been key to the redesign of the honors program up to this point in time. Continue reading “UMPI’s Up-and-Coming Honors Program”

Celebrating Work Well Done

     I always look forward to the annual Spring Awards Ceremony here at UMPI, not only because it allows us to celebrate the accomplishments of some of the University of Maine at Presque’s Isle most distinguished and dedicated students, but because it allows us to highlight what is best about UMPI: our collective ability to provide a superior education for people who have the dedication and incentive to take advantage of it.  Academic excellence —curricular as well as co-curricular—is the heart of a university; and, as a university, we are here first and foremost to help students learn as much as they can and as well as they can.  Since 1903, this institution, under evolving names and structures, has dedicated itself not only to meeting the needs of the students and communities it serves, but to help its students succeed when that path to success may itself be a challenge.  Continue reading “Celebrating Work Well Done”

Summer 2018

     The summer of 2018 will be a rather boring summer for astronomical events.  Perhaps the biggest event of the summer will be the Perseid meteor shower.  This year’s shower will last from August 8 to August 17.  The moon will be approaching or just past new moon throughout the meteor shower, so moonlight blocking out dimmer meteors will not be an issue.  Warm August weather should make it comfortable to sit outside or lie down on a blanket and look toward the northeast.  At its peak, the Perseids will produce and average of a meteor per minute.  The best time to view the meteors is after midnight.  Below is a listing of the days of the shower and the number of meteors that may be expected on that date. Continue reading “Summer 2018”

Distraction or Self-Expression?

     Transitioning from high school into college entails many things. Buying textbooks, rather than using the ones provided by the school. Living in a dorm, rather than with your parents. Coming up with a schedule, rather than being given one by the school. These are all things that many people face when making this transition. But one thing that doesn’t cross many minds when starting college, however, is dress codes. In high schools, there is often a strict dress code, especially for females. They can’t wear anything that shows their shoulders, back, chest or stomach area in any way. Revealed bra straps are forbidden. Shorts, skirts and dresses must be longer than where the fingertips hit when the arms are down to the sides. In some places, leggings, yoga pants and similar articles of clothing are banned completely. Failure to comply with these rules can lead to detention or being pulled out of class and either having your parents called to bring you new clothes or being sent home to change. In college, there often is no dress code at all, and women can wear whatever they please, without consequence. Continue reading “Distraction or Self-Expression?”

Dog Raising: Normal Versus Service

Saint the Service Dog

     People know that there are others who need help from dogs to do things we take for granted. No one seems to ask the question of how the dogs are raised, however, and how it differs from raising a regular dog. In order to find out the differences, this reporter asked two people with different experiences in raising dogs. Continue reading “Dog Raising: Normal Versus Service”

Punk Rock is Dead, Long Live Punk Rock

This is the last Punk show in Pierre South Dakota. It was a sort of fairwell and reunion rolled into one. It was a community spanning almoot 20 years coming together to celebrate one last time

     Seventy-five teens and young adults are crammed into an old smoky VFW hall.  All the kids are slight variations of the ones next to them.  They might have a different hairstyle or studs on their jackets.  The smell of sweat soaks through the room.  Outside at the ticket counter there are pamphlets for “Modern Feminism,” “Going off the Grid” and “How to Take Advantage of Squatting Laws.”  There is loud music being blown out through small speakers.  There is no stage, just microphones between the crowd and the band. This is a “punk rock show.” This is a community. Continue reading “Punk Rock is Dead, Long Live Punk Rock”

Silent Wonder

     In June of 1947, Kenneth Arnold, a civilian pilot and businessman, on a business flight from Chehalis to Yakima, Wash., reported seeing nine objects flying at a high rate of speed over Washington’s Mount Rainier.  The objects were glowing bright blue-white and were traveling between 1,200 and 2,000 kilometers per hour at the time of the sighting.  They were of crescent shape and estimated to be 140 to 280 feet in length.  The length was determined by the collaboration of other observers who viewed the objects from the ground looking up.  Continue reading “Silent Wonder”

Some Differences Between Chinese Culture and American Culture

An Assortment of Delicious Food for Chinese New Year

  Nowadays, more and more students choose to be international students. They want to get a better education or to get a different mode of thinking, to look at some different culture and environment. Many Chinese students choose to get education in the United States. The first big challenge for them is the culture impact. Different countries have different cultures, even between the West and the East. Continue reading “Some Differences Between Chinese Culture and American Culture”

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness…Or Does It?

Can money buy happiness, or does the phrase ring true?

     People often say that money doesn’t buy happiness, and this age-old phrase is hardly ever argued against. The phrase itself is fairly self-explanatory. It means that no matter how much money you have, you won’t be happy simply because you have that money, because you can’t purchase happiness. No matter how rich you are, your wealth won’t cure any unhappiness in your life. But what if money did buy happiness? Hannah Turcotte and James Stanley are two individuals with opinions on this matter. Continue reading “Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness…Or Does It?”