by Belen Dougherty


Presque Isle — The University Times (UT) is an independent, non-profit, student-led newspaper. Since its inception, the newspaper has maintained a traditional print style to engage new generations of journalists and writers. 

The UT informs our community and gives voice to underrepresented people, centered on the issues that affect students, staff, and the surrounding community. This expression is part of our First Amendment rights as Americans, secured on public university campuses through academic freedom and freedom of speech laws and policies. Making the news more important than the paper. 

Although print has always been a part of the University Times, we are living in an engaged multi-media digital world. The staff will produce a consistently updated digital product.

This decision will allow our campus to be eco-friendly by reducing our carbon footprint; simultaneously, this choice will help the newspaper concentrate on engaging readers, and, most importantly, continue with our mission.

“I am glad the students agreed that we should have a digital online paper. As much as we love print and paper, this university is a leader in sustainable practices,” said Professor Jen Lynds, the new advisor to the University Times

Lynds graduated from UMPI in 2000 with a major in communications. She spent 23-years as a journalist and now teaches English, communication, and journalism at UMPI. She is excited to rebuild the student newspaper. As a student, she was editor of the UTimes for four years.

“My expectation for the students is just to let themselves be heard. We are building this paper from the ground up. I do not believe we should adhere to strict guidelines. I want them to feel creative. I want them to feel free. I want them to have a voice at this university.” 

Damien Pearson is a non-traditional newly enrolled UMPI student who said, “I am looking forward to improving on a different style of writing than I would normally do.” Pearson, an English major with a concentration in writing, is interested in covering sports, bringing a different lens to the paper.

Joining the journalist ranks this semester is Leah Soucy from Fort Kent. “I am excited to bring the paper back to life. I am excited for us to make something people are excited to read, pique their interest, and write about things that matter.” Soucy is a freshman majoring in English. 

Laura Lyons is a sophomore majoring in English. She lives on campus and is passionate about the students’ university experience, stating, “I plan to add more of the students’ perspective to the paper.” UMPI covers many events, but Laura plans to dive into the heart of UMPI student life on campus. 

The University Times looks forward to engaging with all of you at UMPI and bringing you a colorful collection of voices that make up our community.