By Christie Oneill

University Times Staff

Here is a summarized guide to communities in New Brunswick, Canada with nearby American customs hosting amazing eclipse events. Each community is hosting their own unique festival lineup of events, from exclusive celebrity visits to medium readings. If any of these events interest you, check out their facebook pages or Please keep in mind that customs are expected to experience longer than usual wait times during the eclipse festivities, which will affect commuter students and staff day to day travel. 

District of Carlton North: Formerly known as Florenceville-Bristol, Centerville, Bath and surrounding areas, the community is presenting the ultimate eclipse viewing experience. Following the eclipse on April 8th, Colonel Chris Hadfield, a retired Canadian astronaut, will speak on the celestial happenings of the world. Tickets are available for this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Hartland: The community of Hartland is hosting a viewing party complete with the Eclipse Balloon Project Live stream, a vendor market and a prime outdoor viewing location!

Woodstock: The community of Woodstock, bordering Houlton, ME offers an array of events for kids, families and adults alike. They start off their events on April 7th with “Breakfast for Brody”, a donation breakfast held for a very special youth in the area. All proceeds will go towards supporting Brody and his family through ongoing treatment.  Throughout the day there will be an eclipse family party with food trucks, bouncy castles and more! Then, activities for the mind, body and soul are offered, such as yoga classes and guided hikes. There is live entertainment entitled the “swift kick” in their community theatre. Lots more live entertainment follows from the kitchen party (19+) question and answer session with NB field investigator and a “DIY Comedy Tour”!

District of Tobique Valley: Formerly known as the village of Plaster Rock, the community is hosting a fun filled schedule of events called “Totality Over the Tobique”. From April 5th to April 8th 2024. There is an exclusive Crossroads Medium offering her services, kids movie night, stargazing, a special breakfast, the balloon project, vendor markets and more!

Village of Southern Victoria: Formerly known as the Village of Perth Andover, the community is hosting events starting Thursday, April 4th to Monday, April 8th. They kick off their events with an Eclipse Paint & Sip Night (Must be 19 years or older ) on Thursday,  followed by an eclipse dance on Friday night at their Legion. There will be two eclipse markets available, one on April 6th and one at the Main Event on April 8th. The highlight of their festivities is the main event which offers the Balloon Project Viewing, a bustling market, delightful food trucks and music at a prime viewing location! 

Tobique First Nation: Nehgwutgook 2024 is held at the Sunset Beach, Neqotkuk (Tobique). Join the community in their culturally enriched festivities on April 7th and 8th. This includes a Sweat Ceremony, Lighting of Sacred Fire, free BBQ, historical timeline, artist workshops, a vendor market, storytelling, fireworks, time capsule creation and so much more!

New Denmark: The New Denmark Historical Society and the New Denmark Rec Centre are presenting Solar Eclipse 2024 events on April 7th and April 8th. Many events are geared toward kids and families alike. On April 7th, head to the Rec Center for a day filled with activities and a delicious Danish lunch at 12:00pm. On April 8th meet at the Museum for planet pinatas for the kids to smash open for treats. Besides a delicious chili supper or chili cheese dog. Don’t miss out on their jewelry sale starting at 2:00pm!