It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

3rd floor of Preble Hall is celebrating the holidays with their own tree.

What is your idea of the perfect Christmas tree? How do you decorate it? Do you have a real or artificial tree? Every family has a tradition during the holidays when it comes to Christmas trees. Many people put lights and ornaments on their Christmas tree. Some UMPI students are even celebrating the holidays by decorating their rooms with lights and small Christmas trees.

     The month of December is a time to make memories with your family and friends by decorating a tree. What tree is the right one, however? Lots of families go for a real tree such as spruce, pine or fir trees and some people use the same artificial tree every year. Families decorate their tree by theme or color scheme. Of course, we can’t forget about the ornaments or the famous star on top of the tree. But which way is the best?

     John DeFelice, professor of history, said, “Growing up, my family had many different Christmas trees. In the 1960s we had real, fake and even projection trees. I have inherited many ornaments from my childhood and continue to hang them on my own tree.”

     Traditions are passed through generations of families. Many families also might have themed or color patterned trees.

     “Every place my family travels, we get a Christmas ornament for our tree. It’s a great time during the holidays, because we get to see our tree and remember all the places we have gone,” UMPI senior Sara Packard said.

     All Christmas trees are decorated differently during the holidays: that is what makes them different. Everyone has a Christmas tradition.  What’s yours?