Lost On a Campus in Maine

Daniel Burger is 18 years old  and is from southern Maine who never really left his hometown much. After graduating from his local high school he, like many other young adults, decided to go to college. He applied to UMPI and was accepted for his good grades and promising work ethic. Burger decided immediately after receiving his acceptance letter that he wanted to tour the campus before making such a big decision.

Burger was greeted by UMPI tour guide Suzanne Travolta in mid January and he was beyond excited. “At the time I was beyond excited to get out of my small town and come to an actual college town, it was a great opportunity to check out the school,” Burger said. The usual tour of the campus began, but about halfway through Travolta noticed something odd; “He was just gone! I looked behind me and Daniel just wasn’t there anymore,” she said.

Burger had stepped away from Travolta for a moment to look at the displays in Folsom/Pullen and before he knew it he was terribly lost and couldn’t find Travolta anywhere. “I was lost for so long that I started to just hang out on campus, started taking some classes and now I’m enrolled. It all happened so fast and most of the time I’m still not sure where I am! Sure wish I’d finished that tour,” Burger said.

Even though he never made the decision to go to UMPI, Burger seems to be enjoying it and is a member of almost every club on campus. If you want to meet Burger and maybe help him find his way around campus he’s usually wandering around the Gentile parking lot on Saturday afternoons.