April/May WUPI

Hey Everyone,
As you probably heard, if you are listening to WUPI, we are playing exclusively automation to keep you entertain as we still get used to our new normal.
Two years ago, I accepted the opportunity to be the station manager of WUPI. During this experience, I have witnessed the station develop. I would like to acknowledge those who gave me this opportunity. It is something I never thought about doing but I wouldn’t change my experience at WUPI for anything.
As of May 1st, 2020 our next station manager Rebecca Dillenbeck will be stepping up. I know the station is in great hands and will continue to strive.
Meantime, keeping listening to WUPI and supporting the student DJs that volunteer to do exceptional radio shows. The radio club is a unique club on campus because we know that every individual in it wants to be there. After all, no professors are requiring them to do it. They can be a pain sometimes, but at the same time, the most entertaining group of characters I have come across. I want to acknowledge them for their hard work and dedication.
Max Bushman
Station Manager WUPI