WUPI is an FM radio station broadcasting at the 92.1 frequency. The licensed radio station maintained locally at the UMPI campus provides a loyal listening audience and the luxury of online streaming capabilities.

As a noncommercial educational radio station, WUPI is not allowed to broadcast commercials but can conduct services by informational underwrites to find balance financial stability. In supporting WUPI, we accept any money denomination.  To obtain information about how to sponsor WUPI, contact the Station Manager at (207) 768-9565.

Sponsorship for WUPI 92.1  and the University of Maine at Presque Isle would like to offer the surrounding community of the opportunity to sponsor WUPI. The staff will personally ensure the quality is well orchestrated in “good faith” in the composure of a professional underwrite with a granted approval from the sponsors.

Through the contract, WUPI will share broadcast time in daily allocated segments in denominations of 15 second or 30 second underwrites for mentions of sponsor’s location, services, events, and available product information, as a non-commercial public notice for its listeners. Advertising is a million dollar industry, and WUPI can offer an affordable option in comparison to marketing service through radio underwrites. WUPI is a nonprofit organization and is recognized by the IRS, as such.

“Noncommercial educational stations may acknowledge contributions over the air, but they may not broadcast commercials or otherwise promote the goods and services of for-profit donors or underwriters. Acceptable “enhanced underwriting” acknowledgments of for-profit donors or underwriters may include (1) logograms and slogans that identify but do not promote; (2) location information; (3) value-neutral descriptions of a product line or service; and (4) brand names, trade names, and product service listings. However, such acknowledgments may not interrupt the station’s regular programming. For additional information about the underwriting, rules see http://transition.fcc.gov/eb/broadcast/enhund.html.”