Another Year in the Books…..and it’s time to start utilizing this site!

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood station manager! So it’s been a week since finals ended and WUPI has seen another successful year come to a close! Since October of 2015 we’re thankful to say that we’ve seen WUPI grow in size and in our listener base. We’ve grown from 4 DJs to over 25 DJs and Broadcasters. We’ve also changed locations moving from Normal Hall to Pullen 209 in the classroom building. We’ve beefed up our social media presence and brought a variety of new shows to WUPI. This in part is due to ┬áthe amazing dedicated staff we’ve had here at WUPI. Without them the station would be nowhere near as successful as it is today. And of course where would we be without our dedicated listeners? For those of you who have stood by us since the beginning we can not thank you enough! Without you guys we wouldn’t have the community support that we have today! So now that we’ve spent the past 18 months rebuilding our station we need your help in helping our station grow! So we’re asking for your feedback on how you think we can make the listening experience better for you all! Shoot us an email with your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions at