The Power of Pictures

The short film A Glimpse of Life: The Pulitzer Photographs focuses on photography and what an impact it can have.  The pictures shown have all won Pulitzer Prize, which is one of the biggest honors as a journalist.  The film talks to the photographers of historic pictures and gets their point of view on how they got the shot, why photojournalism is so important, and how it is a calling. Continue reading “The Power of Pictures”

“A Glimpse of Life: The Pulitzer Prize”

The Pulitzer Prize is one of the biggest awards you can receive in the field of journalism. Many of the photographs and pieces that were awarded The Pulitzer Prize depict images of great tragedies, while others show great victory and great moments in American history. The short film, “A Glimpse of Life: The Pulitzer Prize” does an excellent job of bringing some of these images to light. Good pictures can be taken at any time. You could be walking down the street, and you could see something happen, and as a journalist you would start to take photographs. Sometimes as a journalist you are assigned to go somewhere and document a certain natural disaster or a big event like the olympics. For a photo to be considered for the Pulitzer Prize, there are many things that they would look at to determine whether or not your photograph is worthy. The picture being considered should be able to tell a story, which is what most, if not all, of the photographs in the film portrayed well. Continue reading ““A Glimpse of Life: The Pulitzer Prize””

A Glimpse Through the Lens

It’s 1968. Edward “Eddie” Adams walked through the dusty streets of Saigon, Vietnam with his camera in hand. Nearby, Brigadier Gen. Nguyen Ngoe Loan stood, a look of indifference in his trained expression. In front of Loan was a young man with a look of intensely anticipated pain on his face. He was a young Viet Cong captive. Loan raised his gun while Adams raised his camera and prepared for the shot as Loan pulled the trigger. Continue reading “A Glimpse Through the Lens”

Through the Looking Lenses

Photojournalists have one of the hardest jobs out there. These journalists have to capture some of the most gruesome photographs in history. Some of these photos have been of 9/11, Hiroshima, The Napalm Girl, and Iwo Jima.  These terrifying photos, that show terrible events, are just a few that photojournalists have to capture in order to show how horrible the world can be. The photos that they show have all been winners of the Pulitzer prize, which is considered the highest award for journalists and it started in 1942. Continue reading “Through the Looking Lenses”

What’s University Advancement?

Last year UMPI created an Office of University Advancement and many have asked me “what exactly does Advancement do?”  The answer is fairly simple, yet complex.  The traditional answer is that we serve to “advance” the institution and build lasting relationships with alumni, friends and donors who care as much about UMPI as we do, thereby inspiring loyalty and support for UMPI. Advancement works closely with the president and university leadership to receive the support of alumni, friends and organizations—both financially and through advocacy.  At UMPI, Advancement includes development, alumni relations and sponsored projects. Continue reading “What’s University Advancement?”