Beating the Winter Blues

     “Get outside!” Beaulieu said. “Go walking, skiing, snowboarding. Even if you hate the cold weather, go for a ride in your vehicle. Spend time with friends and family. Create an at-home theater with a movie and your favorite snacks. Do crafts, read, set goals for yourself. The best way to overcome the winter blues is to stay busy!” 

     It’s important not to lose hope during the winter months. Keep in mind that spring is right around the corner. “You must remind yourself that this is only temporary,” Clavette said. “Soon enough the days will get longer and warmer. Springtime is a time of rebirth and looking at things from a fresh perspective.”

     “Make a countdown or keep track of how many extra minutes of sunlight per day,” Beaulieu said. “Reach out to others who may be struggling. Attend a support group if your community has one. Remember that spring is on its way!” 

     Clavette and Beaulieu advise to be gentle with yourself as you transition into springtime. “Winter can be a difficult time to get through,” Clavette said. “What matters is that you get through it.”

     “Interestingly, some people see an increase in depression and anxiety once spring arrives,” Beaulieu said. “We’ve gone all winter being stuck inside. The idea of having to go out to do things in the spring can be overwhelming. Take it one day at a time. Never be afraid to reach out for support. The mental health field has grown. There are so many opportunities to feel better.”