Go for It!

Competitive basketball games always make people feel excited. Playing basketball could be a way to encourage players to face difficulties in daily life. Although the result of the competition may seem obvious, the spirit behind the basketball game is more meaningful. The essence that sports games bring to us is worth considering.

UMPI’s women’s basketball team competed with the Central Maine Community College team on Jan. 30, 2016. Owls focused their efforts in this game and they must have learned much from it. To prepare for this and any other game, the Owls train two hours every day and have off only one day a week. They are pretty industrious and do their best to reconcile both practice and study. When asked how to manage the time conflict, player Katie Patenaude said, “ I definitely had to learn to manage my time and that kind of stuff. But I try to do my homework before I come to practice so I don’t have to worry about it.”

Coach Doug Carter also had something to say when asked about his hope for his team. “This season has been struggle. But overall that’s a great thing in terms of building character. We don’t speak about that too often, but you know, you’re going to have to handle lots of difficult things in your life,” Carter said.

The value of the sports is hard to estimate. But one point that’s sure is that they bring much positive power to society. “We see the value that we working together as a team and living together as a unit. So those are some of the values that we transmit to these young players,” Carter said.

We also can see how players’ family members come to watch this game. Teagan Laweryson’s father was very pleased to see his daughter play in this game. Although the final score wasn’t what Owl fans hoped for, family members gave best wishes to the Owls. “ I think next Tuesday they can work harder and be better than they are now, I hope,” Mr. Laweryson said.

The hope is that all sports players can enjoy the process and spirit behind the game: that they can go for it to make themselves be better.