Putting the ‘Spotlight’ on the Issues

Award winning-film Spotlight was an eye opener for quite a few people when it came out.  I was already aware of the situation, but there are probably a lot of people who weren’t aware. This movie is about a group of journalists working in the Spotlight department of the Boston Globe trying to research on the possibility of priests in Boston molesting young children, and the police and the church shoving it under the rug for years. Continue reading “Putting the ‘Spotlight’ on the Issues”

It Takes a Village to Abuse a Child

“Spotlight” is an Academy Award winning movie about the molestation allegations against the Catholic Church.  The film is set in Boston and it follows members of an investigative team called Spotlight who work for the Boston Globe.  

    Beginning with a flashback, the central plot focuses on the way the Catholic Church sought to cover up any allegations made against priests.  As the journalists continued to work hard uncovering the truth, the scale of the scandal seemed to grow.  They began to realize that the epidemic was national–and even international–and that 6 percent of all priests had been accused of such acts. Continue reading “It Takes a Village to Abuse a Child”

Into the Spotlight

 In 2015, the film “Spotlight” won the Academy Award for best picture. It was a shocking and surprising win to many. Spotlight beat out such heavy favourites as “The Revenant,” “The Big Short” and “Bridge of Spies.”  “Spotlight” was a critical success and gathered much buzz post Academy Awards.  Many home viewers, however, were unaware of this film initially. It wasn’t until the film won best picture that it became the talk of the world. Continue reading “Into the Spotlight”

Taken into the Spotlight

Many know of the widespread problem that the movie “Spotlight” brings into light. “Spotlight” is a two-and-a-half-hour movie about the Boston Globe receiving a new Editor. The Editor decides that they should focus on an article about a priest molesting a child. The Spotlight team (consisting of four people by the names of Robby, Mike, Matt and Sacha), as they are referred to in the movie, is assigned to see if there is anything more to the story than just a single priest molesting a child. Continue reading “Taken into the Spotlight”

‘Step Out Into the Spotlight’

When a pedophile Boston Catholic priest comes into the light, the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team is on the case in the 2015 Academy Award winning film “Spotlight”. The scandal didn’t stop with one priest, however. In this film based on a true story, you’re given a sneak peek behind the scenes of the newspaper as four reporters dig deeply into a case that would unearth corruption in the highest parts of the Catholic Church system.
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The Priests Have Been Busy With More Than Their Vespers and Liturgy

 Matt Carroll ran to the house down the street from him.  The house used for the “treatment” of priests who were removed from their parishes for “sick leave.”   What was he hoping to see?  What did he think he would do at this house?  He posted a picture of the house on his fridge along with a sign that read, “Kids Stay away from this house.” Continue reading “The Priests Have Been Busy With More Than Their Vespers and Liturgy”

“All The President’s Men”

“All the President’s Men” and the Watergate scandal it inspired feels all-too-modern, despite being set in the 1970s. It’s as though presidential scandals rear their ugly heads with each generation. But in this particular case the similarity lies more in how deep the scandals can get. The film “All the President’s Men” only covers the first seven months of the investigation, which is an odd choice, but one that works—that means that we as an audience feel Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward’s frustrations with each source they visit. But Bernstein and Woodward (henceforth called “Woodstein”) knew that what they were doing was important—what started out as a simple burglary soon became a conspiracy, one that involved the entire Republican Party. If they simply let this story go, they’d be allowing corruption to run loose in the White House—and they wouldn’t be doing their job that way.
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What Goes Into a Story

There are a lot of different things that go into an article or a story to make it great. There can be just one person working on the piece or many different writers. Mainly, it all depends on how big the story itself is: some stories need to have more than one writer assigned to it. There was a story that required more than one writer in the 1970s: the story about the Watergate scandal. There were two reporters assigned to this case, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. In the movie “All The President’s Men,” the story is brought to light.  The film goes behind the scenes to give you a real idea of what was going on in the offices, on the streets and in the homes of these two men.
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Never Give Up

 Five men are discovered inside the Watergate building, the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters, as well as two wiretapped phones. The scandal caused a little ripple in the public, but was quickly and quietly covered up. Immediately, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, two reporters for The Washington Post, knew that there was a bigger story hiding underneath. But just how big was the story? Follow Woodward and Bernstein on the adventure of a lifetime as they follow the clues for the ultimate story in “All The President’s Men.” Complete with questionable officials, anonymous sources and a clever informant, you’ll be wondering just how everything comes together at the end. Continue reading “Never Give Up”

Woodstein Today

“All the President’s Men” is Robert Redford’s gripping telling of the investigation of the Watergate affair by Washington Post journalists Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. It is based on their book. The film is a tense political thriller that bustles along showing the subtle nuances of investigative reporting as the two men chase leads, connect dots and put pressure on those involved and their subordinates. There are notable parallels to recent events that make it seem contemporary as well as helpfully hindsighted. It was a page in history that was turned too quickly before it was entirely read. It pays to revisit it.
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