Maine’s Got Game


Among the three seasons Maine has to offer–summer, winter  and mud–lies November. Hunting season is quite a deal for many residents of Aroostook County.  Our northern woods and bounteous fields are home to great game for hunters. Whether it’s an interest in large game such as moose or bear, to deer and coyotes, or maybe you’re a bird person–the county offers it all. In the county people cherish the chilly fall mornings, the bright orange hats, and of course everyone stops in at the local hunter’s breakfast opening day. Hunting has this beautiful ability to connect one with nature, with family and with the community.

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Lions, Tigers and College. Oh My!

It’s the time of that time of year for many high school seniors in America: it’s selection time. No, not selection Sunday, although the stress of March Madness and anticipation of spring weather often distract the adolescent mind. Instead 18-year-olds across the country are embarking on one of the most important decisions of their young adult lives: what college to go to. The factors to formulate to the perfect fit are endless: tuition, location, athletics or maybe Greek-life participation. Whether you are a frat guy or a young woman working on that soccer scholarship, the challenges in finding the college with the right fit are endless. College can be a frightening thought and student loans, even scarier.

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Coloring in the County

Some would say that living in Aroostook County is similar to living 10 years behind the rest of the world. From the areas where the only business is a local gas station to the towns with a Walmart AND a Mardens, our communities give rural a new meaning. People in surrounding communities would often concur that their reason for remaining in these county towns is the family friendly environment to raise children. That is not to say that is the sole reason people live here or that is the only positive asset the county has to offer. For others, the appeal might be the beautiful nature in which to embark on endless journeys and the serenity of dirt roads and potato fields. Whether it’s the hometown feel that can’t be found elsewhere, the lack of shopping and dining options or something else, the small towns of northern Maine are full of rare family friendly towns.

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Playing Waitress: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It’s 7:13 a.m. and the line for Dunkin Donuts is longer than Rip Van Winkle’s slumber. Aside from running late for work, you can still feel raindrops trickling down from your head. The man honking his horn behind you is shredding your very last nerve and you’re having quite possibly the most miserable start to a Tuesday morning. You are fully prepared to swallow every ounce of stress in an extra-large cup of hazelnut coffee. As you arrive at the window you are bombarded with a rush of highly unpleasant employees trying to complete their orders in a timely manner. You pause for a moment and recall the days of slinging pizzas, trying to pay off that college tuition. You are reminded of the long shifts and the ache of your feet, or the busiest nights that you ran out of the best items the menu had to offer. Your nostalgic moment passes as the young man covered in cream cheese hands you a cup with an aroma better than grandma’s house after she’s baked her county-wide famous cinnamon rolls. You leave feeling satisfied and make your way to your corner office for the day.

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