Designers Turn Trash Into Prada

Trash to Fashion 2018 winners.

     For the past few years, UMPI has been putting on an event for the community that showcases the amazing artwork that people can do with recycled goods. The Trash to Fashion show is put on by UMPI’s art department, is open to the public and its participant’s come from the university’s art classes as well as from outside in the community. This year, on April 20, the show featured some really ingenious pieces from the participants. Continue reading “Designers Turn Trash Into Prada”

Showing Winter Who’s Boss

     This winter has definitely taken a toll on people in Maine. With the seemingly never-ending snowstorms and overall bad weather, many Mainers are wondering when Old Man Winter will finally figure out that he’s not welcome anymore. In fact, the snow has piled up so much that removal crews everywhere are struggling to find a place to put it all. This has been making parking situations in some parking lots a challenge. And while there may not be much anyone can do about the unfortunate weather, some people on UMPI’s campus are taking a stand and protesting the lack of parking spaces. Continue reading “Showing Winter Who’s Boss”

A Financial Opportunity

Paul Kaplan and Ray Rice celebrate UMPI’s 100th returned refund check

    Student loan debt is a very real part of life for many college students. And while being able to take out loans to help pay for school is important, students sometimes take more than they actually need and end up having to pay large amounts back after their college years are over. But UMPI is working on a plan to change that. Continue reading “A Financial Opportunity”

A Night Filled With Music

The Northern Maine Chamber Orchestra members putting on their fall concert

    UMPI got a treat on Sunday night, Nov. 12. The Northern Maine Chamber Orchestra members put on their annual fall concert in front of a very eager audience. It took place at 7 in the multi-purpose room of the Campus Center. The ensemble performed several pieces, from a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem to the “1812 Overture.” It is sure to be a night that many will remember for years to come. Continue reading “A Night Filled With Music”

Thoughtful Gift-Giving Ideas


Cookies make a great gift

     Well, it’s that time of the year again. The holidays are upon us and many of us are probably knee deep in preparations. Some of us are doing our gift shopping, and some of us maybe have not even started. And if we’re on a budget, it can make gift-giving a little tight. If you’re stuck and wondering what to get your friends and family and still maintain a budget, here are some tips for unique gifts. Continue reading “Thoughtful Gift-Giving Ideas”

UMPI’s New Addition

Shirley Rush with a sign for the Food Security Council.

     What comes to mind when you think of a food pantry? Perhaps you imagine a local, non-profit organization where people volunteer for charity and offer meals to those in need. But what about a food pantry on your local college campus? It may not sound typical. That’s probably because it isn’t. But if you visit Folsom Hall on the UMPI campus, on the bottom floor near the vending machines, you might notice that there’s something different. Continue reading “UMPI’s New Addition”

The Start of a Great Adventure

Spring is always an exciting time. Classes are winding down for the semester, seniors are getting ready to graduate, either from high school or college, and there is a general feeling of anticipation for summer. This year, there is one more reason to be excited. Dr. Jacqui Lowman, a professor at UMPI, has finally set out on her Appalachian Trail Adventure. Continue reading “The Start of a Great Adventure”

A Convocation Carnival

Convocation is something that the UMPI campus looks forward to every year. It’s a time to welcome the new students to the UMPI family, and it gives returning students a chance to reconnect with faculty, staff and fellow classmates. Usually, the event involves a ceremony welcoming incoming freshmen, followed by a barbeque on the campus lawn. Next year, however, they’re doing things a little differently. Continue reading “A Convocation Carnival”