A Show With Some Variety

   Most days and nights, UMPI has some kind of activity or event going on. This could be something like a sports game or a snow globe event or stand-up comedy. UMPI has a variety of things happening on campus almost daily. 

     Speaking of variety, UMPI held a Variety Show on Thursday, March 30. The Variety Show was held in the Gauvin Family Center for Cultural Arts (Wieden). As the name implies, there were a variety of performances. There were some people who danced. Others played instruments and sang. One student, Ricky Goupille, even got up on stage and listed off information about playoff games for former NFL quarterback Tom Brady. There was a very warm and supportive atmosphere.  Ricky summed up the community feeling, saying, “It was interesting taking the stage knowing that I was sort of performing for them. Surprisingly, I wasn’t very nervous and really enjoyed it.”

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Snow in the Owls Nest

     Are you tired of playing with snow when it is below freezing? Do you wish to play in the snow and be warm? On Feb. 16, UMPI held an event where people were able come in and create their own snow globes. It went from 5 to 8 p.m. and was a one-time event. The snow globes were made with small jars, glitter, water, felt and plastic animals. All materials were provided for free. The Snow Globe event was open to all students. 

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