Welcome From the Community and Media Relations Office!

CMR Office Wishes You a Great Academic Year. Eric Brissette, Rachel Rice, Tiffany Smith, Melissa Lizotte, Gayla Shaw, Rowena McPherson.

The staff members of the Community and Media Relations Office send a warm welcome to all new and returning students at the University of Maine at Presque Isle and wish them the best of luck as they begin or continue their college careers. Continue reading “Welcome From the Community and Media Relations Office!”

Breaking Barriers

On Tuesday, April 12, Dr. Donna Beegle came to UMPI as a distinguished lecturer.  She spoke about a topic that’s close to many people: poverty.  But Beegle did not want to just talk about research and data.  She shared her own stories about living in poverty.  Over time, Beegle rose above life’s challenges.  But many people outside of poverty did not understand where she came from.  At UMPI, Beegle showed how anyone can create better futures for those living in poverty.  
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Open Dialogues, Open Minds

Many people want to stand up for their beliefs and values.  Along the way, they might hurt others who do not agree with them.  But there are better ways that people can listen to others’ stories.  On Wednesday, April 12, UMPI celebrated its annual University Day with the theme “Meet in the Middle.”  Students Lassana and Lossene Dorleh and Brynn Staples gave a presentation called “Lost in Translation.”  They used African literature and music to show how everyone can “meet in the middle.”
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Preserving Theater for All

A crowd stands outside the theater entrance.  Soon, a stage crew member opens the doors.  They say, “Come in.  Enjoy the show.”  People walk inside UMPI’s Wieden Auditorium and find their seats.  Not long afterwards, the room goes dark and the stage lights up.  Performers then give the audience members an experience that won’t be forgetten anytime soon. Continue reading “Preserving Theater for All”

A Night at the Cotton Club

Here at UMPI, students come from many different backgrounds.  But they don’t always get to learn about one another’s experiences.  UMPI senior English majors Lassana and Lossene Dorleh wanted to change that.  On Tuesday, Feb. 14, they brought their heritage to the stage at Wieden Auditorium.  They took audience members on a journey to “The Cotton Club” and the Harlem Renaissance. Continue reading “A Night at the Cotton Club”

Teaching What Matters

Lisa Leduc, professor of criminal justice, has taught at UMPI since 2002.  To this day, she remembers advice that a colleague gave her.  He said, “If you believe in transformation through education, this is where you’re going to see that happen.”  For 14 years, Leduc has seen her students transform into critical thinkers.  They form bonds that have gone beyond the classroom.  Her students’ experiences will help them succeed long after they graduate. Continue reading “Teaching What Matters”

An Evening of Laughs

Imagine watching a play where the actors don’t know their lines.  They never practiced before the show and did not use props or build sets.  At first, that type of show might sound like a disaster.  But that’s why actors call those shows improv.  On Friday, Dec. 2 and Saturday, Dec. 3, UMPI students attended “An Evening of Improv” at UMPI’s Wieden Auditorium.  This was the first improv show from UMPI’s student drama club, the University Players.
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Spreading Awareness and Hope

This past October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Every year many people work together to bring forth awareness and hope in different ways.  Some host awareness walks in their town.  Others hold candlelight vigils for domestic violence victims.  If you’re an UMPI student, you put on a play.  On Friday, Oct. 28 and Saturday, Oct. 29, the University Players, UMPI’s drama club, performed “Love for Losers.”  The short play had a domestic violence theme.  After the play, the cast and playwright Darci Faye held a discussion panel with employees from the Hope and Justice Project in Presque Isle. Continue reading “Spreading Awareness and Hope”

Voting for What They Believe In


When it comes to this year’s presidential election, everyone has an opinion.  For UMPI students who are Democrats, this election has been a personal one.  They were standing behind issues that matter to them.  But they also put their support behind Hillary Clinton during a time when many saw her as a “lesser of two evils.”  Through all the breaking news and scandals, the students still had hope for the future.  And they cast their votes on Nov. 8 knowing that those votes still mattered. Continue reading “Voting for What They Believe In”