Investigating Science

This semester’s Elementary Science Methods class brought a highly interactive presentation to the University Day mix early Wednesday morning. In accordance with Next Generation Science Standards, the group had put together some six “investigation stations” intended to introduce core scientific concepts to elementary students. The morning presentation was used less as a time to monologue and more as a trial run of each station, meaning all attendees were encouraged to engage in as many stations as time would allow, and to ask any questions they thought a young scientist might have.
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The Kessel Run

Artist’s impression of the ultracool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1 from the surface of one of its planets


Eyes turn upward once again as the discovery of the Trappist-1 system renews people’s hopes for interplanetary travel. Not only is the system a mere 39 lightyears off (roughly 12 parsecs), it is comprised of seven planets which appear to be roughly equivalent to Earth, at least in terms of size, mass, and composition. Continue reading “The Kessel Run”

A Standard Q&A


Election day saw a huge push for those citizens over 18 to make their way to the polls. Voter turnout for this election exceeded that of the last one by more than 3 million people, but still, it’s been found over 43 percent stayed home. In a small survey conducted within the residence halls on campus, folks were asked if they planned to vote or not and why.
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Going Solo


UMPI’s a capella group was formed just this last September. Auditions were held on the stage at Wieden Hall in front of the group’s founders (and consequential first members) Lassana and Lossene Dorleh. From the pool of auditioners five members emerged: Adawnya Barry, Rebecca Bowers, Debbi Herne, Lydia Tilley and Adrien Tourtelotte. Skylar Hebert was also a member, but recently had to leave the group following a school transfer. With advice from Shirley Rush and extra help from Ryan Tebo the group is working on compiling a set list that includes many popular songs, including Beyonce’s “XO” and Ruth B’s “Lost Boy.”
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MMG Center for Professional Development Open for Business(es)


When the Employer U program officially began in 2015 its members quickly realized that the project would need its own space. This past summer, in the former child-care center on campus, a new room was created for Employer U to use to offer classes pertaining to professional development.

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