Students Continue Work on Adventure

Throughout the fall semester, UMPI students have put in countless hours helping local nonprofit BEYOND LIMITS: Awaken Your Potential with its Appalachian Trail Adventure.

“I’ve reached out to a lot of people,” UMPI student Brandy Smith said. “These people were going to be involved with BEYOND LIMITS and lead us to others who want to be involved.”
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Becoming One Thanks to Many

It’s getting late and most offices on campus have closed for the night. But not everyone has gone home. Papers are still being graded, classrooms are being cleaned up. The lights that are still on cast shadows of a long day. The work continues and night melts into day, days into semesters. From up high, a message from the chancellor trickles down through the campuses. A projected deficit looms over the system. Faced with cuts, targets are painted on the backs of faculty and staff as well as their programs. In spite of changes beyond their control, they keep on working, they keep on teaching and they keep on taking care of their students while they can.

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