University Day, Creatively Speaking

University Day at UMPI is enjoyed by people all over Aroostook county. Students show off their projects and presentations, displaying what they have learned about individual topics from their time at the University. It gives people the chance to gain some perspective on topics and issues they might not have had access to beforehand. Members from Deborah Hodgkin’s Creative Nonfiction class were some of those who partook in this event. Five of the students from this class each read a personal essay they had written involving their life experiences.
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People Against Loyal Party Voting

Since it’s the time of year when politics are evident in nearly every household in this country due to the presidential election, there is always bound to be some discourse on all sides. This is regardless of which party you belong to or which views you possess. Most people who pay attention to politics look at the details of who they are voting for. At the same time, these people are registered as a member of a specific party, such as Democrat, Republican or Independent. The people who pay attention to what a candidate has to offer may not even end up voting for someone running for the same party they are registered as a member of at all.
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Making a Break for It

Once the fall semester comes to an end many students make their way home for the holidays. This gives them a four week break from the almost four months completely dedicated to their education. Whether these students are traveling three hours or three minutes away it is a much needed and sought after experience once finals are done and grades are set. There are numerous ways students spend their time once this break comes around.
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Halloween Critters at their Finest


Halloween is a holiday that is widely celebrated by many different people, and the University of Maine at Presque Isle was not lacking in the Halloween spirit. The Halloween dance was held this year in the multipurpose room in the campus center. It was relatively packed from about 11 p.m. to the end. There were a variety of different costumes. These were as much a major part of the fun and energy of the night as the people who were there wearing them.
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The 150 Anniversary of the US Constitution


The 150 anniversary of the United States Constitution didn’t go unrecognized at UMPI. Professor Brent Anderson put together a lecture dedicated to the day. He emphasized on the importance of the 13th and 14th Amendments. These are both considered to have helped change the constitution. The hour-long lecture left the audience with a new understanding of the very things the U.S. was built upon.

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A Chance at Equal Opportunity

It is safe to say that most people know someone or know of someone with Asperger’s. It is a disorder that affects real people everywhere. University Day, which took place at the University of Maine at Presque Isle on April 20, gave one group of presenters the chance to educate people about this. The presentation itself was on Asperger’s and how people with this disorder can benefit from proficiency-based education. Brittany McPhail, Arianna Bard, Natasha Ponder and Loretta Coty for a little less than an hour. The first three women are education majors at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Coty has worked with people with special needs for a number of years, but is now currently a student at UMPI.

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Bigger Than the Piece Itself

On University day of 2016, the Pullen art gallery was nearly dark, with people seated in front of a large screen. The presentation on the Sketchbook Project would soon begin. This was an aspect of art that truly proved the creativity of the human mind, specifically on the campus of the University of Maine of Presque Isle. A group of students stood before these people as a vast number of slides of their own creations flickered behind them. This gave them only a small portion of time to explain the meaning behind their art. Once one student’s art stopped appearing on the screen, the next would begin running through and another eager yet anxious face would begin explaining the contents of what it all meant to them.

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The Experience that Lasts a Lifetime

Living on campus is an experience that is much needed for many students who are away from home. It provides them with several opportunities they wouldn’t have had previously. Every campus has a population. This is essentially what makes it feel lively and open. In a place where large buildings (even on a small campus like UMPI) make up the majority of the scene, it is important to remember who it is those buildings are there for: the people who are on the campus every day. A portion of these people—about a third of the student body–is residential. Since UMPI is a smaller campus there are several people who attend who are from the area. But many of the students living in housing on and off campus through UMPI are from places very far away. Some are from downstate, and others are from even farther away, such as different states and countries altogether.

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To Mongolia and Back Again

A group of people sat in assorted chairs around the multipurpose room in the campus center. Some were family, friends and colleagues. Others were simply there to listen. They were all present to learn more about one undergrad’s incredible experience and what’s known locally as a journey of a lifetime. Bits of conversation could be heard for several moments, everyone settling in. Eventually a gradual silence fell as Dave Putnam took a stand, addressing the audience from the front of the room. He began to introduce the student, explaining that who he had chosen to accompany him on his trip to Mongolia was an easy candidate. “He is someone to rely on,” Putnam said, speaking to the crowd. The person to whom he was referring was Caleb Ward.

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Behind the College of Arts and Sciences

For about a year, Pamela Easler has been a part of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. She does many different things to help it run smoothly. Her job is not one specific task. It is several and not always the same every day. Everything she does keeps her very busy. This ranges anywhere from keeping track of budget spending to helping other people accomplish their duties. “I provide administrative support for full-time and adjunct faculty.” She does all of this while maintaining close relationships with the faculty. This includes 23 full-time and (depending on the class schedule) around 30 adjunct faculty.

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