What Can’t She Do?


When we think of the term “superwoman,” we often conjure thoughts of a masked crusader fighting crime or of someone with incredible strength or superintelligence. Of course, these people are few and far between and if they do exist, we probably don’t know them personally. That being said, it may come as a surprise that there is a “superwoman” on the UMPI campus and her name is Pamela Easler. Pam, as she is often referred to, does not possess typical super powers. What she does possess is the ability to take on any challenge that comes into her life and overcome it. “Many of the UMPI community may be aware of how hard a worker Pam is.  But I think many of them have no idea the number of remarkable things she has accomplished in her life,” Dr. Jacqui Lowman, who teaches Professional Communication and Journalism at UMPI, said. “She really is an amazing person.” Continue reading “What Can’t She Do?”

The Disorder No One Talks About


Griffen Lovely is a lot like other 20-somethings you would know. He enjoys spending time with his family, hanging out with friends and playing sports. On the surface, he appears to be just like anyone else his age. In reality, Griffen has been battling with a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder for several years. Continue reading “The Disorder No One Talks About”

Women, Art and Equality

Arianna Forbes during her presentation.

     The annual University Day at UMPI always provides students and members of the community an opportunity to learn about fascinating topics. This year’s University Day was no different. From learning about service dogs to Greek mythology, there was no shortage of interesting presentations. Of all the presentations that took place, few were more thought-provoking than Arianna Forbes’ art presentation, “The V Word.” Continue reading “Women, Art and Equality”

The Top 10 Greatest Christmas Films

10. Bad Santa (2003)

Not the Christmas movie to watch with your parents. Despite being one of the few Rated-R Christmas movies, “Bad Santa” is one of those films I watch every holiday season. With hilarious performances from Billy Bob Thornton and the late, great Bernie Mac, this movie depicts Santa in his raunchiest form ever. One of those Christmas movies that is perfect for holiday lovers and detractors alike. Continue reading “The Top 10 Greatest Christmas Films”

Laughing for a Good Cause

Ryan Gartley had the audience captivated while he told a joke about living in Aroostook County.

     Members of the community looking to laugh and donate to a good cause got what they asked for when they attended the Taco Bell presents: Ryan Gartley & Friends comedy show. The event, which took place on Thursday, Sep. 14, left all in attendance in fits of uncontrollable laughter. Continue reading “Laughing for a Good Cause”

Education Beyond the United States

For a country that is known for its diversity, many Americans actually know little about the educational systems outside of the United States. For those who live in a rural town such as Presque Isle, this is even truer. Although it may not have a direct effect on our lives, learning about education in other countries helps to better understand and improve our own education in the U.S.

Continue reading “Education Beyond the United States”

Commitment to Education

Giving back to her community has always been a part of Roberta Griffiths’ life. When she is not directing the choir at her church, she is actively involved with various committees at UMPI and Presque Isle. “I love it here,” Griffiths said, fondly. “I’ve always felt it important to stay involved with the community. There are so many great things this area has provided me, I try to give back as much as possible.”

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