by Cy Belcher

Your Pace Student Staff Writer

The University Times 

Kolby Teakell, a senior at Windthorst High School, became the talk of the town and an inspiration to his teammates after overcoming an injury that threatened his remarkable high school career.

Despite losing part of his finger in late March, Teakell guided his baseball team to a district championship, playoff berth, and state track meet.

The accident occurred during the team’s morning weight lifting sessions when Teakell, ending a set of dumbbell decline bench presses, smashed his finger between two heavy dumbbells as he dropped them. The injury required partial amputation of his finger, something that would have ended the athletic dreams and days of an individual less determined. 

“It all happened really really fast,” Teakell recalled. “But I knew I had two choices once everything had sunk in at the doctor. To either feel sorry for myself and end my senior year badly, or to make the most of the time I have left and see what happens.” 

Just two weeks after his surgery, Teakell returned to the baseball field, figuring out how to play again despite the injury. 

Coach Scott Belcher said, “Kolby’s toughness and work ethic are two things I rarely see, and I’ve been doing this for quite some time. He didn’t pout and feel sorry for himself. You could tell he set a new tone in the locker room; guys wanted to play for him.”

Teakell has not only returned to the field, but dominated. He batted over .500 and led the team in RBIs after his return. His presence was crucial in the team’s run to the district title and playoff berth. He also qualified for the state finals triple-jump.