by Belen Dougherty


The University Times

PRESQUE ISLE, ME–Students from the University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI) are approaching the final stretch of the 2024 spring semester; and the pressure is felt around campus. With nearly two weeks left before the final week of classes, students who are participating in “University Day” have balanced their workload to plan a day that showcases their academic endeavors. From surveys and analysis, to creative writing and art expeditions, this upcoming Wednesday gives students an opportunity to have their hard work seen. Seniors take the time to reflect on their undergrad experience and freshman students dip their toes in the opportunities they have as students. 

“University Day” also offers an opportunity for community members, advisors, staff, and professors to come together and support higher education. Everyone can have a front-row seat and experience the impact of higher education. 

For more information about “University Day” presentations, please visit the following website:.