Snow in the Owls Nest

     Are you tired of playing with snow when it is below freezing? Do you wish to play in the snow and be warm? On Feb. 16, UMPI held an event where people were able come in and create their own snow globes. It went from 5 to 8 p.m. and was a one-time event. The snow globes were made with small jars, glitter, water, felt and plastic animals. All materials were provided for free. The Snow Globe event was open to all students. 

     Merriman R.A. Kass Nelson hosted the Snow Globe event, which took place in the Owls Nest. Nelson came up with the idea because she thought, “ It would be a crafty, fun, easy thing for people to do to and from dinner.” She said, “It seemed like a cool little idea.” Nelson also mentioned that each R.A. is required to hold a certain number of programs throughout each semester. 

     Like many other activities, the Snow Globe event was a way for students to interact with others.  Multiple students came to make their own snow globes. One student who participated was Jennifer Schink, who is a returning student. This is her first semester at UMPI. The Snow Globe is her first event here on campus. This event was right up Schink’s alley.  She said, “I’m a very crafty person.” She thought the event was very fun. Schink also said, “I would love to see more stuff like this.”

     At any time during the semester, if you feel bored, ask an R.A. They may have an activity planned. The University of Maine of Presque Isle continually has events on a regular basis. This can help you save money and gas. The events also can be a whole lot of fun.

Snowglobe Flier