Mainely Mexican – A Taste of the South Way Up North

     Although the Presque Isle area isn’t renowned for its diverse selection of cultural dining, a select few establishments stand out from the crowd of chain restaurants. One of these restaurants is Mainely Mexican, located at 6 State Road. You can sample classic entrees such as enchiladas and chimichangas or their specialties like the Mexican spiced rib eye or the lobster taco. This restaurant offers a variety of Mexican dining that other places in the local area do not provide.

     Mainely Mexican celebrated their fifth anniversary on Feb. 23rd.  Jay Edgecomb, its owner, discussed the ups and downs the restaurant has faced. “Any new restaurant is big at the start up here. We had our lull during the pandemic. But we’ve seen traffic come back as COVID’s died down.” This has been proven time and time again. Restaurants come and go in the area. But Mainely Mexican has shown it has a place in the Presque Isle region. It’s had a steady stream of customers for over half a decade.

     “Mainely Mexican is a good example of what’s needed up here,” UMPI junior Paul Tardie said “The wait staff are timely and attentive. The food selection isn’t something you can find anywhere else in the area.” The restaurant also has a bar with a variety of drinks. Their margaritas are especially notable. They also offer Taco Tuesday, which gives customers options from an affordable variety taco menu.

     If you’re looking for a nice dinner in town, Mainely Mexican is most definitely recommended. Mainely Mexican is open Tuesday to Friday from 4:30 to 7, and Saturday from noon to 7. Current UMPI students also have the opportunity to receive a 10 percent discount on their meal if they bring their Student ID.

From enchiladas to lobster tacos, Mainely Mexican offers a variety of Mexican dining that other places in the local area do not provide.