The Pressures We Experience

   People feel pressure for many different reasons throughout their lives. For example: to do well in school, to create the best painting, to pick the best fitting job. But for young people, one of the most stressful times can be during their senior year of high school. People are continually asking, “What college did you apply/get into?” “What major did you choose?” “Are you staying on campus or off campus?” “How many scholarships were you awarded?” Daisy Grant is currently a high school senior who has already decided which college she is going to attend. Audree Burtt is a senior in high school who has decided to become a travel certified nursing assistant after graduating. 

      Daisy is 18. She will be attending the University of Maine Farmington in the fall. She has a very close relationship with her family. But she is ready to take the next step in her life, which is college. Daisy explained what pressures affected her during senior year. “Probably the push for applying and filling out the different applications for colleges, and all the forms that go along with it. Such as FAFSA, writing essays and asking for recommendation letters.”  Sometimes parents will put a lot of pressure on their children during senior year. But Daisy’s parents had a different view. “There wasn’t a lot of pressure with what school I chose, as long as I got everything submitted on time and got into a good college.”