Spotlight: A Terrible Truth

     Each principal character had to give up something in order to pursue this heinous story. Robby, Mike, Sacha and Matt gave up their sanity in some sense. Most likely, the team who uncovered this sex scandal lost their ability to sleep soundly for the rest of their lives. Thinking about the tormented victims would keep them awake at night. Especially considering that when the story becomes bigger, they realize that there is a molestation ring within the Boston Archdiocese and that the priests were being protected by Cardinal Law. This was discussed in class, with the ripple effect. How the trauma from a victim can give journalists second-hand trauma. 

     Despite losing so much, the team did gain something, something huge at that. Not only did the team become internationally known to the world and the Catholic Church, bringing them fame, but they gained something much more. They gained a sense of accomplishment and personal gratitude for exposing the atrocities committed by the priests and bringing light to the subject. They were also able to help bring the victims closure. This is much more valuable than any worldly possession.

     So, all-in-all, why should you watch this movie? If you have a weak stomach and are in tune with your empathy skills, this movie will be hard to watch. If you do watch it, however, you are left with two polar opposite feelings. You gain a sense of gratitude–that “AH-HA!” feeling as the priests get brought to justice and the victims are able to find closure. Yet you are also left with a bitter taste in your mouth and a knot in your stomach. These poor people really had to deal with such things and just continue to live their lives. It is truly saddening and humbling.