UMPI Student Abducted by UFO

     White’s family, who keeps in regular contact with him, has not seen or heard from him either. White’s mother is in disbelief with what’s happened. “I was thinking it had to be some kind of hoax. There’s no such thing as aliens,” Janice White said. “But then I saw the photo and now I’m not sure what to believe. Some people are saying his roommate Photoshopped it as a cover-up. But I sincerely doubt that. He’s a good boy. He’s like family to us. There has to be another rational explanation. There’s an investigation underway. I’m not giving up until I find my son.” 

     “I know what some people are saying about me. They think the photo is a fake and that I did something to Tommy,” Jenkins said. “I could never hurt Tommy. He’s like a brother to me. I just want him to come back.” 

     Other UMPI students have been backing up Jenkins’ claim, declaring that they’ve also seen the UFO around campus. “I’ve seen it three times and so has my roommate,” freshman student Ariel Morris said. “It’s always been late at night when we’re up studying. We’ve seen it floating right outside our window. Every time we’ve tried telling someone, they just laughed at us and thought we were crazy.”

     “My boyfriend and I saw it, too,” sophomore student Candace Conners said. “We were out stargazing one night when we saw the brightest shooting star. But it wasn’t a star after all. Suddenly, there was a huge UFO right in front of us. Luckily, we weren’t far from the dorm. We started running and headed inside. We tried to report it, but everyone just thought it was a prank. Maybe now that there’s proof—maybe now they’ll believe us.” 

     “I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s seen it,” Jenkins said. “I wouldn’t make something like this up. I know photos can be fabricated, but I wouldn’t do that. People need to take this seriously. Something needs to be done before more students go missing.”  

     With White’s disappearance and the new evidence Jenkins provided, claims of UFO sightings on campus are no longer being taken lightly. Students are encouraged to stay indoors after dark and to report any suspicious activity.