Cafeteria Upgrade

     After years of complaints from UMPI students and meals that have left students unsatisfied, UMPI has decided to switch to caterers.  UMPI will have them throughout the school year rather than a mainstay food company. This change is taking place at the beginning of next fall. So the school year of 2022-2023 marks the beginning of a new era for UMPI’s cafeteria and UMPI in general. UMPI is planning on having multiple vendors throughout the semester. One that we know about is Buffalo Wild Wings.

     We heard from a couple of UMPI students about the changes occurring in the cafeteria.  So we at the U Times decided to take a poll.  The results show that more students said that they would come to the cafeteria for their meals more often now that the cafeteria is gaining a sense of variety. That was one of the key reasons students were complaining about the food. It would be hard for any traditional food service company to provide this.  

     UMPI takes a lot of pride in taking care of their students and making them feel comfortable. As a matter of fact, some would say that’s UMPI’s best quality: the efforts they put in for their students. That was a key reason for the change. They knew it would cost more. But it was worth it to keep UMPI students happy and ultimately keep them around. UMPI want their students to know that they’re listening and want to do their students right. 

     Another key reason for the change was the participation in the meals at the cafeteria. UMPI found out that more students would rather eat out than eat at the cafeteria because of the lack of variety, as mentioned above. Typical food services have a limited variety because they need to provide economical options to students while making enough profit to keep going.  

     UMPI students are excited for next fall. They can’t wait for the new academic year to begin to get good foods that they aren’t used to getting.