Apple Releases a New Product: The iDiffuser

     On Tuesday, March 4, 2022, Apple issued a new product’s release. The release is the newest product in the Summer 2022 lineup. The release featured an advertisement for this new product: the Smartphone Oil Diffuser.

A prototype of the iDiffuser.

     “One day, I was on the subway in New York City. I was going to work as usual. The subway was always dark, dreary and damp. It smelled like sweat and hot breath,” Greg Longhorn, a product designer for Apple, said. Longhorn, 28, of Kentucky, has relocated to New York City. He has been working with Apple for about three years. 

     “I thought to myself, what is a new and innovative product for this year’s release? We have iPhones. We have iPads. We have it all. What we don’t have is a product that affects our nostrils.” 

     Longhorn spent countless hours scouring user manuals for oil diffusers. He wanted to know how they work. He also needed inspiration for a design. Apple is well-known for its simplistic designs and bright colors. Longhorn did not want to surprise Apple fans too much. He did want to let his creativity shine. 

     “First, I wanted to see how oil diffusers work. I’m not an engineer. I just draw for a living. I was having trouble drawing the diffuser because the shape is awkward. It’s really small, too. I teamed up with an Apple engineer, Jake Johnson,” Longhorn said.