Aroostook County’s Artisans

Maine is known for many things: sweet lobster, great fishing and hunting, beautiful landscapes, majestic moose and Stephen King. It’s no wonder that such a beautiful state draws a high number of craftspeople and artisans. It seems that Aroostook County has more talented artisans hiding away than anyone would expect. You can find them at local fairs and farmers’ markets, their goods finer than any found at the fancy stores in big cities. Most of them seem to have the same attitude: they don’t create to make a living. They create because they must. Having people love their work is just a bonus.

When you dig deeper into the roots of Maine history, you find a can-do attitude. It has a rich history of inhabitants who made their living by making the best out of any situation. Mainers have lived through incredibly tough times and just kept going. Their willpower is practically a trademark. And yet, the more you hear about them, the more there is to admire.

There are many residents in northern Maine who still live just like their grandparents, in dirt floor cabins without electricity. Of course, some have embraced modern technology, but not all. And in the midst of such seeming unwillingness to change, one wonders how art and beauty could be born. And yet…those who create always find a way. Things that are useful can be beautiful, too.