Sammie’s Tattoo Studio

     Julie Collins, a long-time customer of Sammie’s, has gotten about a total of 15 hours and six visits from Sammie. She said, “Sammie is so very talented. She’s easygoing and really gets to know you. I have been to several other artists and Sammie is by far the most organized and professional, with an excellent, clean studio where you can also see her different types of artwork on display. She practices in a very sterile manner. Her before and aftercare directions are very clear and  helpful to make sure your tattoo experience is a safe and enjoyable one.”  Besides speaking about her great customer service, Julie also commented on Sammie’s unique style. “Her style and technique is top-notch. I have recommended several people to Sammie Carmen as well as my two daughters once they were of age.”

      Julie went on to discuss how Sammie’s scheduling works and how long it’ll take on average. “Scheduling a tattoo with Sammie is a six-month no less wait. She believes folks should really take time to think about the permanent artwork they are getting on their bodies.” 

Black and Gray Dog Portrait by Sammie Carmen.

     Some more about Sammie is that she really excels at and enjoys tattooing nature and witchy types of tattoos. Many of her tattoos and own designs have natural aspects such as animals, plants, bones and other things you can find in nature. She has a few designs that she has turned into stickers for cars and laptops. One of those designs is an old-style gas lantern with a scene of the woods. Another is a cabin from an animal skull with fluorescent mushrooms and plants growing from it. She is also well-known for her amazing Maine theme designs, from a Maine forest in the lenses of a pair of sunglasses to a Polaroid picture of Mt. Katahdin. The spectrum of her designs are endless and there is truly something for everyone.