Getting Over Writer’s Block

     Students everywhere are finding motivation to get us through until the end of the semester. Getting back into the swing of things is a must, with upcoming assignments due. These moments are crucial to starting the semester off correctly. But unfortunately writer’s block can prevent us from starting essays and creating stories. Those affected with writer’s block have been left in the slumps as assignments endlessly pile up with no hope of ending clear until May. 

     “The need for perfection always kept me from finishing assignments. So, I do think that’s a factor as well as getting inspiration or motivated to start assignments,” TJ Brown, an English and writing lab instructor at Stearns High School, said.

     Brown spends study halls and class time encouraging all his students to write. “When one does have a case of writer’s block, I think there are many different things that people can do for it,” Brown said. He wants students everywhere to know, “If you feel like you need to, you should walk away from the assignment or essay, but don’t give up on it.”

     Take some time away from assignments to find inspiration elsewhere. Time can refresh the mind. “Whether you spend four minutes to listen to a song or a few hours to go somewhere, sometimes time itself is all that is needed and sometimes it is not,” Brown said. When the few hours away from the books doesn’t do the trick, don’t give up. “My favorite time to write is right after waking up. Starting fresh in the morning with a cup of coffee, or after a nap, is a productive time I’ve set aside for writing,” Brown said.