Bar Coming to UMPI

     In the summer of 2018, Sodexo and the University of Maine at Presque Isle will be putting the finishing touches on a plan that will be adding a bar for public and students who are 21+ years old. The bar will be built throughout the summer of 2018 and finish being built during the fall.

     “It fit’s like it was meant to be there,” current student, Kevin Collins, said when he first heard rumors of such plans. Kevin also believes, “This will bring more of a campus life to the school.” Another current student, Kristijan Gavrilovski, also mentioned this when he heard the rumor. Gavrilovski thinks, “The bar will help people meet other members in the community and the school.”

     Some initial concerns included traffic and the building’s appearances and accommodations, since it will be located somewhere in the UMPI Campus Center. Plans of the building presented showed a building with covered outdoor seating, but that was apparently not in the initial plans for the site. The initial plan, which is called “Explorer,” has the covered patio seating.  It’s most attractive to the college population, seeing as it will be located on campus. But this bar will attract the younger population and be a nice change from all the other bars in the area, which attract an older population. This bar will be different from others because the theme will be Mexican. It will serve food along with alcohol to try to get more of an income.