You Should Go to Bingo!

Courtney Cote making sure she had BINGO with Jaden Gosselin and Bianca McGirt.

     Keep an eye out for Bingo nights here on campus. They are a student favorite and for good reason. There’s a different prize for each of the eight games played.  “Moving forward all of the bingo events will be themed.” Coordinator of Student Engagement Violet Washburn said.         

     One of the most recent bingo events on campus was themed Food Bingo, which meant that every prize  was food related. Prizes varied from gift cards to nearby restaurants to boxes of wacky-flavored Pop Tarts®.

     But prizes aren’t the only thing that keep students coming back. “Even if you’re not a social person, you can still enjoy it,” UMPI student Christine Lewis said. Luckily for all the introverts out there, this is a fun event where you can easily focus on the game rather than being social. With that said, if you do choose to be social with your tablemates or those around you, it is a great and simple way to meet new people.

      “The point of bingo is for students to enjoy the old classic game bingo, be with other students and the reward is cool prizes,”  Washburn said. Students do enjoy the bingo nights here at UMPI. Whenever the word “Bingo!” is shouted through the air, the room fills with groans and whispers of, “I was only one away.” The winners are smiling and make their way confidently up to the host to assure their win and claim their prizes. A Food Bingo winner, regular bingo attendee and UMPI student Courtney Cote, said, “I feel like it’s good competition, a good environment and lots of people show up. Plus, who doesn’t like to win stuff?” So, keep an eye out for bingo events on campus this semester and don’t hesitate to attend for a chance to win fun themes prizes.