Volunteers at the Biathlon

The IBU 2016 World Cup Biathlon was held at the Nordic Heritage Center, Presque Isle, Maine, Feb. 11-14, 2016. All the people involved with the Nordic Heritage Center were so excited to have this big event and welcome the athletes from all over the world. The staff members for this event are as remarkable as the athletes, because they are all volunteer. They are from different places and have different jobs. But they come for one thing: to contribute their time and passion for this big event.

Kerry Kenney is a minister. At the biathlon, she took care of access, like checking people’s tickets and security and guiding people in the right direction. She said: “I enjoy being outside around all the different nations together and I enjoy getting to see all the athletes. It’s been such a joy just to be here and be part of the event. This is my first time to volunteer. My brother has volunteered at all of them. And this year I just decided that I wanted to do the same thing. And it is a great pleasure to do this.”

Teena Miller who is a medical assistant. She worked together with Kerry as access. She was very excited about this event. She said: “Just being able to experience the biathlon here in Aroostook County. I’m so happy about being here and being part of the camaraderie and meeting new people. This is my first time to volunteer for one of these events. And I’m going to do it again if we have another event like this year in this area.

Bob Sprague was taking care of the course. He has to make sure everyone goes by the same number times that they are supposed to. He said: “I’ve volunteered over 12 years. I’m always happy to see people from Japan, China, Russia…. I think it is wonderful to join this event, to see young people out there to ski. I understand that it takes a lot of energy to do it. But seeing people to do it at this high level to ski is an amazing thing. You have to always hold your breath.

There were so many volunteers to work for the biathlon. They were friendly, patient and warmhearted. They all enjoyed their positions even though they didn’t get paid. They contributed their passion and gave service and convenience to all the athletes and audience. They are the heroes in this event.