Shriners: More Than Just the Circus

     If you have ever seen a parade you may have seen the Shriners.  They can be spotted driving around in their tiny cars.  Some might have bought a ticket to their circus.

     Shriners are a nation-wide group that helps children and young adults in local communities.  Its members run 22 hospitals across the United States.  The patients they care for are mostly children under the age of 18.  Dick Hallett of Mars Hill served as Potentate at the Presque Isle lodge in 2006.  A Potentate is like a CEO. Continue reading “Shriners: More Than Just the Circus”

Capturing a Moment in Time

freight train migration don bartletti

    Photojournalists are not going to win the Pulitzer Prize for being the best in a competition.  The Pulitzer is awarded to photojournalists who happen to be in the right place at the right time.  

All who have won a Pulitzer did not go out thinking that they were going to be shooting a prize-winning picture.  It is not something that can be hunted for. For a photo to win the prize, it must make the observer react to it. The photo must feel powerful. Continue reading “Capturing a Moment in Time”