News School Car Is Coming

     Good News!  UMPI bought a new school minivan. Time is too precious to waste. Time can decide the death and life of cancer patients.  Also, time is money for people in business. A few minutes will make people in business lose money, and a few minutes will make people miss an airplane. What UMPI did for time management is to provide a high performance and energy-efficient school car. The car can deliver students or staff members to any place they want to go faster, safer and more comfortably than a standard vehicle. Maybe an old vehicle carries students to the airport in 15 minutes. Now the new car only needs half that time! Continue reading “News School Car Is Coming”

UMPI Sports Star

UMPI basketball player Kristijan Gavrilovs

   At UMPI you can always see students who are busy shuttling between the classroom, library and gymnasium as they pursue knowledge with hope. Kristijan Gavrilovski is one of them. KG is a 22-year-old senior transfer from Central Community College in Columbus, Neb., and now in the business administration program at UMPI. Continue reading “UMPI Sports Star”

Harder, Stronger, Better

A lot of people are watching the UMPI vs FISHER soccer game.

The 2017 UMPI men’s soccer team has a lot of young, new players.  On Sunday, Sept. 17, the team started the game with five freshmen, again. During the previous three games, the players had been becoming familiar with the college game.  They had learned and practiced. For this match, they put in a full performance, the kind that all fans want to see every game.   The men won the game against Fisher with a score of 1 to 0. Continue reading “Harder, Stronger, Better”

Free to Travel Around the World

By now many of you should know that Dr. J, Jacquelyn Lowman, is hiking now. She has started her Appalachian Trail adventure. But actually, the real plan is not just hiking the Appalachian Trail, it is to both hike the Appalachian Trail and travel/ hike around the world. She came up with this plan in her mind last year and is now preparing stuff and plotting out a route. Continue reading “Free to Travel Around the World”

A Special Present – The Oct. 1 UMPI soccer game


Do you remember that we lost a lot players due to injuries last game? Do you remember what Cody Blair definitively said after the last game? “We just need to get all guys healthy and have our starters back. We will see what happens once they come back.” Yes, they recovered and came back. That means that their confidence will return, their power will recover and they will prove themselves.

Continue reading “A Special Present – The Oct. 1 UMPI soccer game”