Dog Raising: Normal Versus Service

Saint the Service Dog

     People know that there are others who need help from dogs to do things we take for granted. No one seems to ask the question of how the dogs are raised, however, and how it differs from raising a regular dog. In order to find out the differences, this reporter asked two people with different experiences in raising dogs. Continue reading “Dog Raising: Normal Versus Service”

Being a ‘Square’ Isn’t Always Bad

     Once a year in April, the University of Maine at Presque Isle has events instead of classes.  This “ University Day.” There was a new event this year run by Leo Saucier. He has been teaching at University of Maine at Presque Isle for 18 years, yet he has only done the square dance once. While it seemed like it would just be a simple process, the event turned out to be basic instructions on the calls and movements of a square dance. Continue reading “Being a ‘Square’ Isn’t Always Bad”

Slavery and Marriage in Ancient Rome

     During University Day at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, there was a presentation on slavery in ancient Rome, mentored by Dr. John DeFelice.

     The main thing that DeFelice wanted people to get out of the presentation was that it took place in a “separate cultural time and place” from our own. The type of slavery the United States had was actually a bastardized version of the Roman equivalent. The people who were the more common slaves included POWs and kidnapped people. The slaves only had on collars at the auction, and their buyers had a six month period of buyer’s remorse. This meant they could return them within this time period for the original amount paid. Continue reading “Slavery and Marriage in Ancient Rome”

New Diet Trends End Up With Rainbow Citizens.

     There is a new diet trend hitting the city of Presque Isle. The trend has people eating foods and drinks of only one color (excluding white, clear, black or brown). This diet is to use the color of the food they chose to remove the weight from the practitioner’s body. The diet allows the person to drink milk, water, coffee and have different forms of chocolate. People are eating carrots and oranges and drinking a blended mixture of orange ice cream, orange juice and carrots. While they lose weight, they end up looking more and more like The Thing™ from Marvel© comics. Continue reading “New Diet Trends End Up With Rainbow Citizens.”

Intense Weather

    Everyone has at least heard about extreme weather, but few actually experience it firsthand. At the University of Maine at Presque Isle, two teachers have experienced two of the most dangerous weather phenomena. Ted Shapiro and Dr. J have personal experience with hurricanes and tornadoes, respectively. Their accounts will give an interesting look at the phenomena and also give us some information that we might not have known. Continue reading “Intense Weather”