UMPI’s New Addition

Shirley Rush with a sign for the Food Security Council.

     What comes to mind when you think of a food pantry? Perhaps you imagine a local, non-profit organization where people volunteer for charity and offer meals to those in need. But what about a food pantry on your local college campus? It may not sound typical. That’s probably because it isn’t. But if you visit Folsom Hall on the UMPI campus, on the bottom floor near the vending machines, you might notice that there’s something different. Continue reading “UMPI’s New Addition”

The Start of a Great Adventure

Spring is always an exciting time. Classes are winding down for the semester, seniors are getting ready to graduate, either from high school or college, and there is a general feeling of anticipation for summer. This year, there is one more reason to be excited. Dr. Jacqui Lowman, a professor at UMPI, has finally set out on her Appalachian Trail Adventure. Continue reading “The Start of a Great Adventure”

A Convocation Carnival

Convocation is something that the UMPI campus looks forward to every year. It’s a time to welcome the new students to the UMPI family, and it gives returning students a chance to reconnect with faculty, staff and fellow classmates. Usually, the event involves a ceremony welcoming incoming freshmen, followed by a barbeque on the campus lawn. Next year, however, they’re doing things a little differently. Continue reading “A Convocation Carnival”

Truly ‘North of Ordinary’


When a place with which you feel a strong connection receives praise it often invokes a feeling of pride. If UMPI students take a look at this year’s ratings UMPI’s place on the list should definitely invoke those feelings.

Let’s start with the category of “Best Regional College.” This year UMPI was rated number 27 in the north, which includes all of New England. Dr. Ray Rice, provost and current interim president of UMPI, said that UMPI is up 19 places from 2014.

Continue reading “Truly ‘North of Ordinary’”

Anger Issues

Have you ever been in a class with someone who would act out on a regular basis? Did you ever wonder what was going on, or why the teacher seemed to be unable to deal with the issue? Acting out is not an uncommon occurrence for children in a classroom, or anywhere, for that matter. Chances are, we’ve seen this type of behavior displayed at least once in our lives. Or maybe some of us were those children who acted out. There are many reasons for students to act out: for example, to get attention. On April 20, four students–Kayla Murchison, Michael Guerrette, Margot Smith and Chelsea Langley–gave a presentation on how to deal with unruly behavior of students in the classrooms.

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A Trip to Denver

Colorado might not be the first place that pops into your mind when you are planning a trip. But for Dr. Lisa Leduc’s criminal justice class, that was the destination. Leduc took a group of her students to Denver to visit the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences there. The students got to attend the 53rd Annual Meeting, and had some very valuable experiences during their stay. On April 20, they shared their experiences with the community during their University Day presentation.

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