The Speed of Life


Sometimes it’s easy to forget how a simple act of kindness can change lives.  When times are tough, it can be hard to stay positive.  But on Tuesday, September 13, UMPI welcomed someone who is changing lives one hug and high five at a time.  David Sylvester, cyclist, filmmaker and author, visited with students and faculty.  He gave a talk in the Campus Center that night.  His goal was to share his positive message and give hugs and high fives to everyone he met.

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A World of Change

There are many ways that people can make the world better for everyone. But sometimes we don’t realize just how much of an impact our voices can have. On Tuesday, April 19, that’s what Jim Keady wanted UMPI students and faculty to know. Keady was the University Day Distinguished Lecturer. For almost 20 years, Keady has stood up against shoe company Nike. He defends the human rights of Nike’s overseas factory workers.

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One Poster at a Time

Every year on University Day, UMPI students play a very different role than they usually do. For one day, they’re not just students. They become teachers to anyone who attends their presentations. The day always begins with a poster session in the Wieden Hall gymnasium. On Wednesday, April 20, students came armed with posters and knowledge. They were ready to show how anyone can “disrupt the status quo” and change the world for the better.

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The People Behind the Play

Here at UMPI, students have done great things on campus. They do research, projects or other work related to their major. But sometimes students get to go outside their comfort zones. Recently, a group of UMPI students did just that. They wrote plays and discovered a new love of theater. Friday, March 18, and Saturday, March 19, was when people got to see the results of the students’ hard work and new skills. These were the nights of UMPI’s first playwriting festival.

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Keeping UMPI on the Air

Walking onto a college campus for the first time can be scary. Many students don’t know their classmates very well yet. Sometimes students can feel lonely and cut off from campus life. Luckily, UMPI has many clubs and organizations. Its members are always looking to welcome new students. They reach out and give students a community to belong to.

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A New Theater Experience for UMPI

When you think of live theater, what comes to mind? Many people think of actors putting on a great show. But many people do not think of the playwrights. These are the people who make plays possible. They write a script and revise it many times. Then they work with the actors and director to create a great performance.

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Helping Others and Helping Herself

There is one question that many college students have to face at some point. What will they do after they graduate? For some students, the answer is easy. They choose a major and find out that they love it. But for other students, that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes they find what they want to do just when they think they won’t.

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