Treating Depression in Many Ways

  Depression is something that many people go through every single day. Depression is a serious mental illness that is most often overlooked. Symptoms of depression are usually sadness, loss of interest, and the most dangerous of all, suicidal thoughts.  These symptoms can be symptoms from other illnesses, so that is why sometimes depression is hard to diagnose. Some other disorders that some may have actually increase the chances of getting depression, with genetics being the leading cause. Researchers find that 14.8 million Americans age 18 and older have depression. Continue reading “Treating Depression in Many Ways”

In the End…Everything Matters

We are now in a world where we use the phrase “binge watching” in our everyday vocabulary. When we hear this, we usually know that someone is binge watching a certain TV show. We spend hours and hours watching something until the season, or seasons, are over. In the time that we could be doing homework or other activities, we choose to binge watch an entire show in one day. Netflix has become a main source of material for binge watching. They come out with original series that have whole seasons, and we spend our day wasted away on that certain show. There is a new show on Netflix that is definitely binge worthy, and brings up an important topic that we may not think about as much as we should. Continue reading “In the End…Everything Matters”