From the AmeriCorner

     Greetings from the AmeriCorner. The 2018-2019 academic year is the fifth consecutive year that UMPI has been able to host an AmeriCorps volunteer on campus. The AmeriCorps volunteer can help students find and get involved with volunteer opportunities both on campus and in the Presque Isle area. Please stop by anytime to meet and/or visit with the UMPI AmeriCorps volunteer. The AmeriCorps volunteer’s office is in the AmeriCorner—the far-right corner of the main floor of the UMPI Center for Innovative Learning (informally known as the UMPI Library). The AmeriCorps volunteer’s office telephone number is 207-768-9602. The UMPI AmeriCorps volunteer looks forward to seeing you soon. Thank you.

Rebecca Dillenbeck, An UMPI Asset

UMPI Freshman Rebecca Dillenbeck, pictured here, is a kind, talented, and humble person

     This issue’s student spotlight features Rebecca Dillenbeck, an UMPI freshman. Rebecca is from Limestone, Maine, and is majoring in business, with a concentration in accounting. She was the salutatorian of the Class of 2017 of Limestone Community School, the last class to graduate from the school before its closure. Rebecca’s salutatorian speech at graduation, a speech concerning the importance of recognizing and celebrating people’s differences, was received with a standing ovation. Continue reading “Rebecca Dillenbeck, An UMPI Asset”

University Day Poster Session

     On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, in the Campus Center Multi-Purpose Room, at 5 p.m., the University Day Poster Session took place. The poster session was the first event in University Day activities that would span April 10-11. More than 20 posters displayed the research of undergraduates in environmental science, geology, biology, ecology, genetics, geographic information systems, social work and psychology. Students were present to discuss their posters and answer questions, and beverages and cookies were served. Continue reading “University Day Poster Session”

The AmeriCorner Spotlights Elise Gudde, Diligent Student High Achiever

UMPI student Elise Gudde is pictured here with a black bear in the North Maine Woods

     This issue’s Student Spotlight features Elise Gudde. Elise is a junior from Caribou, Maine. At UMPI, she studies environmental science and sustainability with a concentration in natural resources, and she also studies psychology. In addition to her double major, she is pursuing a minor in biology. Elise excels academically: she has achieved highest honors on the UMPI Dean’s List all of her semesters at UMPI. Continue reading “The AmeriCorner Spotlights Elise Gudde, Diligent Student High Achiever”

The AmeriCorner Spotlights Monica Hewitt, Upstanding Individual

UMPI senior Monica Hewitt is an exemplary individual

    This issue’s Student Spotlight features UMPI senior Monica Hewitt. Monica is majoring in Professional Communication and Journalism. She is from Caribou, Maine, where she was homeschooled from kindergarten through 12th grade. She is also a writer for the University Times, having written for the campus newspaper since her freshman year. Furthermore, Monica works as a pharmacy technician at Hannaford Supermarket and Pharmacy in Caribou.  She has worked there for six years. In fact, recently Monica was named Employee of the Month at Hannaford, an honor that comes with a complimentary jacket and her picture on the wall. Continue reading “The AmeriCorner Spotlights Monica Hewitt, Upstanding Individual”

The AmeriCorner Spotlights Bonnie Corey, Great Student and Future Doctor

UMPI senior Bonnie Corey (left) is pictured here with UMPI professor Dr. Judith Roe

    This issue’s Student Spotlight features UMPI senior Bonnie Corey. Bonnie is majoring in biology, with a concentration in pre-medicine and minors in physical science and chemistry. She is a Presque Isle native, having graduated from Presque Isle High School in 2014. Upon graduation from UMPI, Bonnie will study to become a doctor at the Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Lillington, N.C. Continue reading “The AmeriCorner Spotlights Bonnie Corey, Great Student and Future Doctor”

An Unconventional Journey

UMPI Senior Chelsey Briggs is photographed on one of her sojourns

     On Nov. 16, at 7 p.m., UMPI welcomed student Chelsey Briggs to the Campus Center Multi-Purpose Room to speak on her experiences and life’s journey. The event was part of the university’s Distinguished Lecturer Series. Briggs, a senior in the education program, was introduced by Wendi Malenfant, UMPI associate professor of early childhood education, and then she delivered her presentation entitled “An Unconventional Journey.” Continue reading “An Unconventional Journey”

The AmeriCorner Spotlights Sara Packard, Exceptional Leader and Athlete

UMPI student Sara Packard excels academically and athletically. She has a fantastic GPA and she is a two-time USCAA Softball All-American.


    This month’s Student Spotlight features UMPI student Sara Packard. Sara is from Saint Albans, Maine. She is a senior and she studies athletic training, with a minor in physical education. Continue reading “The AmeriCorner Spotlights Sara Packard, Exceptional Leader and Athlete”

The AmeriCorner Spotlights Kassidy Morin, Exemplary Volunteer

Kassidy Morin is a Social Work major and active volunteer at UMP.

     This month’s Student Spotlight features UMPI student Kassidy Morin. Kassidy is a social work major from Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada. This is her junior year at UMPI. Kassidy is a member of the Campus Crusade for Christ and the Student Organization of Social Work at UMPI. She likes UMPI because it is a small school and is close to her home. Continue reading “The AmeriCorner Spotlights Kassidy Morin, Exemplary Volunteer”

Coloring for All Ages

Participants at the Homecoming Coloring for All Ages event relax, chat and color.

The Coloring for All Ages event, sponsored by the UMPI president’s office, took place in the Owl’s Nest in the Campus Center on Friday, Oct. 6. The event, one of the first to take place during the Homecoming Friends and Family Weekend, allowed people of all ages to color using the colored pencils and coloring pages provided. Soothing music played, and participants had a chance to win prizes in the form of coloring books and colored pencils. Continue reading “Coloring for All Ages”