UMPI’s Up-and-Coming Honors Program

     The current honors program at UMPI is in some serious need of an overhaul and a few students here at UMPI have taken on this tremendous task of redesigning it as a whole. The four ambitious students who have taken on this task are Evan Zarkadas, Darius Haskell, Adam Weyenth and Sarah Harris, all of whom have been key to the redesign of the honors program up to this point in time. Continue reading “UMPI’s Up-and-Coming Honors Program”

Keeping an Eye Out for the Eyes

Cataract surgury being preformed. The most common type of eye eurgery.

     Ever been to the eye doctor and wondered what it must be like to work and specialize on such a delicate and intricate organ? Think it might be interesting to possibly pursue a career in?  Or just want to be able to know a little something about the subject to impress the doctor the next time an eye appointment comes around? If so, then here’s some knowledge straight from the horse’s mouth itself: local ophthalmologist Mark Morin. Continue reading “Keeping an Eye Out for the Eyes”

Wigging Out

Earwig close-up

    What animals first come to mind when thinking of scientific research?  Mice, rabbits and chimpanzees, right? You probably didn’t think of earwigs, did you? Well maybe now you should.  Dr. Judith Roe and two of her students–Sabrina Douglas and Ashley Rekem–are currently conducting research in making earwigs into a model system for organ regeneration right here on campus at UMPI. Maine INBRE is funding the project as the organization’s goal is to research opportunities in the biomedical field in Maine. Continue reading “Wigging Out”