Punk Rock is Dead, Long Live Punk Rock

This is the last Punk show in Pierre South Dakota. It was a sort of fairwell and reunion rolled into one. It was a community spanning almoot 20 years coming together to celebrate one last time

     Seventy-five teens and young adults are crammed into an old smoky VFW hall.  All the kids are slight variations of the ones next to them.  They might have a different hairstyle or studs on their jackets.  The smell of sweat soaks through the room.  Outside at the ticket counter there are pamphlets for “Modern Feminism,” “Going off the Grid” and “How to Take Advantage of Squatting Laws.”  There is loud music being blown out through small speakers.  There is no stage, just microphones between the crowd and the band. This is a “punk rock show.” This is a community. Continue reading “Punk Rock is Dead, Long Live Punk Rock”

Standing Inside the Fire

     It’s 3 a.m. in the middle of February.  The alarm just rang for a structure fire.  A large apartment complex illuminates the night sky.  Men and women in yellow coats, ice hanging from their hats, run from room to room, checking for anyone left inside before the entire building goes up in flames.  This is the reality for any fire department.  Any time of day or night.  A person’s worst nightmare is their job, or even sometimes their volunteer activity. Continue reading “Standing Inside the Fire”

A President Embroiled in Scandal

Presidential knowledge of political interference.  Shady business practice.  Hard-nosed journalists trying to get the truth out, despite being labeled as fake news.  This may sound as if it is coming from the political climate of today.  In reality, it is the film “All the President’s Men,” a harrowing retelling of the Watergate scandal.  A conspiracy to sabotage the 1972 Presidential election by the Republican party, it was the driving force in former President Nixon’s resignation, which involved spy games and espionage. Continue reading “A President Embroiled in Scandal”


The Beautiful Bride

     Shotgun wedding was given a whole new meaning as proud ammosexual Theodore Clemmens said his vows to “Ethel,” his beloved Mossberg Pump-Action shotgun. Clemmens then carried his spouse out of the church, in what could only be called a truly memorable moment. The blue Ford pick-up, Confederate war flag hanging proudly in the back, kicked up dust as cans clinked down the old dirt road.  “Just Married” was written in the back window. Continue reading “Gunwives”

The Thin Blue Line

A Pierre Police Cruiser, one of the many life lines for an officer.

    “Get down on the ground!” “Where did she hit you?” “Please slow down at the intersection next time.  Have a nice day.” These are common phrases in a police drama: even more common in the daily lives of law enforcement officers across the nation. Continue reading “The Thin Blue Line”

The First, First Responders

Olivia Harris and Cindy Gross

   “Are they breathing? Were there any weapons involved? Can you see where the blood is coming from?” These are questions that most people would never think that they have to answer, or at least hope they do not. However, in a 911 center they are as common phrases as “how are you doing today?” Continue reading “The First, First Responders”